Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of summer 2014

This is my friend's dog picture above. But that's exactly how I feel about this past summer coming to a close. I'm honestly sad to see this summer go! I'm going to miss hanging out with friends and visiting places. It always seems that in retrospect, the summer seemed too short no matter how long it actually was. (4 months.)

Something I noticed with college summers are that May is spent being absolutely lazy. You're home, eating, catching up on TV shows, and NOT unpacking. You're also slowly waiting for all your friends to make their way back from home. Then June/July is spent working, interning, and volunteering. Everyone gets caught up in something else whether it's family related or their juggling different schedules. August then rolls around and everyone panics and starts to hangout. Then before you know it, everyone's setting off for Fall.

So I guess, here's to another year at school!

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