Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Vexing Issue: Mac or PC?

So I've been a steady PC user my entire life. I find comfort in the start menu and the familiarity of the operating system. I never thought about switching over operating systems or even getting a new laptop for that matter. Until last week when my fan on my PC started to give out. It was in terrible shape. It rattled and roared and made it impossible for me to open my computer during class which is imperative when you want to go online shopping during lecture, am I right?

Well, I'm the type of person that likes to be knowledgeable in all things techie. So I began my research on finding the newest and perfect PC that best suits me. But as I looked, I couldn't really find one that fit my screen size preference, price range, and to top it all off - only terrible comments on Windows 8. There were all these complaints of the misbehaving mouse track pad, difficult to use, and reoccurring hardware problems.

With not much patience for researching on my roaring laptop, I decided to resort to my techie cousin who recommended a mac. Now, I'm neither an advocate nor a protester of mac books but my opinion is that they're not all that perfect as most mac users make it out to be. Yes, there are significant benefits to their durable and reliable machines, but it does not spare them from faulty areas too. I've heard of cracked screens, software issues, and all sorts of hardware issues. I've heard of horror stories of bringing it to the genius bar and having to cough up hundreds of dollars to fix their computer issues. While, on my side, I've never any computer issue that cost me more than $50.

I love my PC. If it didn't cost so much to replace the fan, I would keep it forever. It's still as fast, still as operational, and battery is not an issue. Maybe after nearly 5 years, it might be time to retire this laptop and look at updated options.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Spectacular!

It has been awhile, hasn't it? Needless to say, I've been caught up this semester with a tremendous amount of work. But now that it has pretty much all settled down, I'm ready to get back to blogging! <3

This past Saturday, my family and I took a trip to the city to watch the Christmas Spectacular! This was my first time seeing it and I was excited that we were able to score some good orchestra seats.

Being in the city just around this time of the year is just such a great feeling. Christmas music is playing along the streets and all the street decor are out. There are also these little shops that are set up near Bryant Park for the holidays. You can buy a bunch of self-crafted and small branded stores trying to sell their trinkets as gifts for the holidays. I suggest checking them out and maybe grabbing some unique presents.

I've never been inside Radio City so when I stepped in I was greeted by a beautiful chandelier which I hear is made up of mostly Swarovski crystals if not entirely. The stage and amphitheatre were so pretty. The Rockettes put on such a great show as usual. Looking stunning and precise as ever. I was also impressed by the little girl that played Clara during the Nutcracker piece.

We ended up eating at Ruby Foo's for dinner which was nearby. I've never eaten there but I was pleasantly surprised because I didn't expect much when I sat down. Their sushi were pretty unique and their soups are delicious.

I definitely think the Christmas Spectacular is a must see during the holidays. Although it felt a lot shorter (90 minutes) than I imagined it to be, it definitely gets the whole family to spend time together to watch an amazing show.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bridal shower happiness

A couple weeks ago, I went to Craftbar NYC to celebrate my cousin's bridal shower. Bridal showers are really those events that sets your whole life in perspective before you reach a milestone. You know it's like when you go to your high school graduation rehearsal or when you have that last get together with your friends before you all go your separate ways until next summer. Even though this isn't my bridal shower, it still makes me think.

I've seen my cousin grow up. I've seen her graduate, I've seen her get on the Dean's List for the first time, and I remember that first Christmas when she was able to afford to get everyone Christmas gifts with her own money. Now, she's going to get married in just a few days. It doesn't seem that long ago that she wasn't engaged or even dating her current fiance. It makes me think where I'd be in ten years or even five.

I can't wait until that period of my life where all my friends are starting to get married and I just get invited non-stop to all these cute and creative bridal showers and that staring in awe later at the actual wedding!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of summer 2014

This is my friend's dog picture above. But that's exactly how I feel about this past summer coming to a close. I'm honestly sad to see this summer go! I'm going to miss hanging out with friends and visiting places. It always seems that in retrospect, the summer seemed too short no matter how long it actually was. (4 months.)

Something I noticed with college summers are that May is spent being absolutely lazy. You're home, eating, catching up on TV shows, and NOT unpacking. You're also slowly waiting for all your friends to make their way back from home. Then June/July is spent working, interning, and volunteering. Everyone gets caught up in something else whether it's family related or their juggling different schedules. August then rolls around and everyone panics and starts to hangout. Then before you know it, everyone's setting off for Fall.

So I guess, here's to another year at school!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exploring central park

I was in need of an adventure. So Mark and I decided to take on the streets of New York City, yet again. But the city has yet to dull with each trip. We set off first to SoHo. We went in the little shops and walked around for a bit. Easily arguing over when to cross the streets in our attempt at becoming skilled and natural New Yorkers.

I was treated to a lovely lunch at macbar which is absolute heaven if you're a mac'n'cheese fan. They offer an assortment of mac'n'cheese in different flavors. It's the best place to get your favorite kind of comfort food. But if you plan on eating here, make sure you call in and get your order in early! Otherwise you might have to wait 15-20+ minutes.

After getting food, we headed to the upper east side where we visited this cute little bakery right after Park Ave called Bel Ami. I googled this bakery because I'm always craving macaroons as a small dessert when walking in the city. I got Jasmine, Green Tea, and Lavender&Honey flavors and the green tea was my favorite! Macaroons are so good.

We walked a couple blocks to Central Park where we visited the Central Park Zoo for the first time! I was kind of impressed by this little monkey I have pictured below haha. We grabbed from yummy dippin dots and enjoyed the rest of our stay from there. A lot of the zoo was still under construction which kind of made the zoo a little smaller than it is usually.

Boy, do I love the city.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

End of summer street fairs

I love street fairs and sort of public festivals that include free admission, food vendors, and small independent retailers that you can negotiate prices with. It's a great way to discover and support small businesses that are trying to get their name out.

This weekend I decided to visit a local street fair with a couple of friends. We found a really good local Italian ice place that had over 80 flavors of ice and we also spotted some cute vendors. One was a business that sold preservative-free doggie treats that look like real human food like empanadas, personal pizza pies, and tacos. At another vendor, my friend was able to find a pocket watch with the mockingjay symbol on it which true Hunger Games fans will find very symbolic.

It was a cloudy morning but a beautiful sunny afternoon. Afterwards, we spent some time outside enjoying each other's company.

With perfect weather and good company, who doesn't love a good street fair?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The importance of seeking adventure

I'm usually not one to step out of my comfort zone. But when it comes to finding cool local eateries and finding new parks - I'm your girl. I respect the self-proclaimed hermit as much as the next person. But I don't think it would hurt to explore a new little area time to time. Here's why:

  • GETS CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING // Now there's no exact scientific reference that I can cite right now that can prove me right. But I do believe that placing yourself in a place you have never seen before can get your creative juices flowing. Seeing new cafes, street art, and simple house architecture can inspire you. It can give you an idea of what you like and what you don't like. You can see for yourself what makes that city or town you're visiting unique from any other town. You can find local shops that sell things only characteristic of that town whether it be local foods or handcrafted jewelry.
  • BUILD AWESOME CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS // Placing yourself in a new town can be daunting to people because of the obvious fear of getting lost. So you're hungry; where is the best place to eat? So you need to get from point A to be point B; what is the best mode of transportation: foot, train, or car? I admit it can get a little dangerous. But the more often you place yourself in this kind of situation the more quickly and cunning you will get at adapting to a new place. You'll suddenly remember where the last bus stop was on your walk down the street and you'll realize that getting around in a new place isn't that bad. 
  • FINDING AMAZING FOOD SPOTS // The only way of finding the best local eateries is by trying them. Googling the best places to eat will only get you so far. The best place to eat anywhere is that small shack on the corner of the street in a semi-hidden part of town. Then after you find the spot, you can Instagram and show-off to your loyal followers how awesome the food is. (This also helps support local businesses. Yay!)
  • MAKING MEMORIES WITH FRIENDS // Adventures are ALWAYS more fun if you're with your friends. And if you're with someone else, exploring a new place won't be as scary anymore. Exploring can be a great weekend activity with a group of friends and it can easily make it into your Facebook summer picture album. 
  • MAKES YOU MORE CULTURAL // Even though your adventure of choice might mean exploring the next town over from where you live, that still can make you a little more cultural than you were before. Cultures can vary town to town and even within towns - especially in cities. The slang might change, the population changes, and the weather might be different. Either way, experiencing a new place with new people can be added to your cultural repertoire which is always a good thing. It makes you more open minded and more relatable. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Beach Day Essentials 2014

Last weekend, I traveled to the beach with my family. I don't go to the beach often, but when I do it's mostly for relaxation and family time. I realized my blog suddenly became strictly a photo blog and so I decided to change it up a bit and share some tips!

  1. SOMETHING TO READ // I always try to bring something to read whether it's my kindle, an actual paperback, or some magazines I can flip through. I'm more of a tanner/lounger when I'm at the beach and even though it's pretty scenic and you can people watch, I like to have something in front of me when I need a distraction from looking at peoples' incredibly red skin. In the pictures above I'm reading Eleanor and Park which is a pretty cute story and an easy read which was perfect for reading at the beach.
  2. SUN PROTECTION // As if media and health professionals don't stress enough, we all need sunscreen. No matter what skin color or how high our "sun tolerance" is. I like to use Coppertone spray on sport and I use a face specific sunscreen to apply on my face. It's important to apply it at least every hour when constantly exposed to the sun. Something I like to do is when I'm tanning and I see that my skin is getting red, I sit in the shade for a bit before I set out in the sun again. I noticed that this prevents my skin from getting too much sun at a time. I also like to bring a hat with me so that the sun doesn't beam down on my face constantly. Eyes are also important so make sure you wear your sunnies! But be wary of that sunglasses tan!
  3. FOOD & WATER // My mom usually takes care of this part but it's important to bring healthy food! But I'll admit that I do bring junk food... Some friendly beach snacks are sliced fruit and granola bars! Chia bars are my favorite! And don't forget your water!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Caffe Bene

Last weekend I spent some time trying out a new cafe with a friend called Caffe Bene. I'd say their strawberry waffle was really yummy, especially their chocolate syrup. It was delectable with every bite. I didn't personally try any thing else on their menu yet except for this waffle. But the cafe had a good assortment of different kinds of coffees, smoothies, bubble tea, desserts, and Korean desserts. The atmosphere of the cafe was great and made me feel like I walked onto the set of a Korean drama.

Catching up with a good friend always rejuvenates me in a way. It reminds me that sometimes I can easily forget how blessed I am to have what I have when I get caught up in the things I don't have. I think it's important to have valuable friends that you know are worth keeping. The ones that keep you grounded and that you know you'll never get tired of.

S/O to you Alex because I know you'll be reading this. You're the best. :)

During this tete-a-tete, I realized there's something great about the act of spontaneity. Sometimes the most random of acts are worth doing especially if it means it'll make someone's night.

Always Tomorrow.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello August!

I've made a couple posts before on my Asian snack hauls and here's another one. These are some really popular snacks that I've seen a couple people buy and decided to try some for myself. The panda cookies are a little too sweet for my liking but then again I don't exactly have a sweet tooth. I did like the matcha flavored Pocky. But then who doesn't love Pocky?! 

This past week, I was able to attend a free Moroccan food festival where I tried Moroccan food for the first time! I wish I took a picture of the things I tried but it was absolutely delicious! They had some really yummy drinks too which included this mint green tea that was really refreshing before it quickly got that watered down flavor when the ice melted. I also got into the Moroccan spirit as picture above haha. 

Right now there's this huge trend where Birkenstocks are becoming the "IT" sandal of the summer. I do like the visual concept of the Birkenstocks but not so much the actual shoe. They're too wide and although they may be quite the comfortable shoe, I think it can easily make a dressy outfit look too casual. So I opted for these brand new sandals I happened upon at a local Nordstrom Rack. I got it for the unbeatable price of $24.95 when they're still being sold at Nordstrom! They're around $44 I believe but they're discounted to around $30 because of the Anniversary Sale that they currently have going on. I like these sandals a lot more than the Birkenstock because these still have those thick straps but it's a dressier variation which I think suits my style. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Catching up

Here is my past couple weeks in pictures!
 Since early March/April, I've been growing sunflower seeds in my small dorm room in a tiny pot. When I got home from the summer I planted them in my front yard and they just began to sprout into beautiful baby sunflowers! 
 As mentioned before, in an earlier blog, I was incredibly overwhelmed with juggling my summer activities and finding time for myself and people I wanted to spend time with. Mark took me out on a spontaneous kayaking adventure that was super fun and a great way for me to de-stress.
 This was our view as we kayaked around. It was really cool and something I have never done before that day!

 I enjoyed some CPK pizza!
 This is the transformation picture of my sunflowers! They started off as little sprouts of green stems and grew into these beautiful sunflowers! Although the seeds I planted was of the Sunflower Dwarf species, they only grew to about 4 feet tall. Which isn't that impressive for the regular sunflower because they can easily grow up to 6 feet. But they were incredible to watch and it gave me a gratifying feeling that I know how to plant and grow beautiful living things. :)

Some delicious shrimp scampi, white rice, and platanos that I ate at a colombian restaurant. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


This week I had two experiences that only solidified how sometimes we truly never know how we can truly impact each other's lives.

I recently started volunteering regularly at a hospital near me. During my stay, I had built a friendship with one of the patients there. She told me stories from her past, her family, and her experiences. Earlier this week, she was all better and ready to go home. When she was on her way out, she hugged me and told me thanks and that she hoped to see me again. It wasn't until that moment that I realized how much we had become friends. Sometimes I have doubts about my career choice much like anyone else around my age. But it's experiences like this that make me glad I chose what I chose and that I might have chosen correctly.

Yesterday, I came across a customer at work that I just clicked with. She told me how she ballroom dances, about one of her past hardships, and she gave me some advice about my career as well. We ended up exchanging numbers and hope to reconnect soon. I honestly didn't know she would tell me such useful information and end up becoming a good networking tool.

I feel like at this point I can easily feel lost and unsure about myself. But I'm glad these moments happened so I can feel sure about myself a little longer.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lovely surprise

Lately, I've been more overwhelmed than I have ever experienced in a long time. I haven't been this stress probably since my first arrival at college my freshman year. I've been busy balancing multiple things and it's been tough on me physically and mentally. Last night, it took a toll on me and I sort of lost it. I broke down, my thoughts began to snowball, and basically catastrophe happened.

I typically like to isolate myself and calm myself down whenever something like this happens. I push others away until I'm alone with my thoughts. Which usually, isn't the best thing. I begin to think that I'm left to deal with my problems alone and that's usually where I reach a dead end.

But today I was reminded that I don't have to do anything alone and I'm very grateful that I was.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Late July 4th Fireworks

A huge storm hit the east coast this weekend that put a damper to most peoples' 4th of July plans. I've been stressed and mostly busy this past week which kind of put me down a little because I wanted to spend time with friends and just kind of hangout this long weekend.

Thankfully, since the storm delayed some fireworks shows, I was able to enjoy some fireworks last night with a couple of friends. Since July just started, it kind of put me in that reality check that summer is halfway over and now I have to buckle down and start preparing stuff for school and moving in.

Some summer goals I have for the rest of the summer:

  1. Go hiking.
  2. Go to a "pick your own" farm.
  3. Read at least two books.
  4. Go to the high line.
  5. Make more time for friends.
  6. Study for one hour every other day
  7. Keep up with a gym schedule
  8. Beach
  9. Collect enough unique decorative pieces for my new room.
  10. Go to a couple yoga classes.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Soho trip

This past Friday, Mark and I headed to Soho to spend time together and shop around. Around this time of summer, a lot of stores mark down most of their clothes. So we visited stores like Zara, Topshop, Aritzia, and a couple of boutiques in hopes of scoring some really good deals. Surprisingly, I couldn't find anything I really loved in the sales this year. I ended up just making a couple purchases at the new Brandy Melville on Broadway.

The highlight of our trip ended up being the food we ate. We had some pizza covered in vodka sauce which was good but nothing too extraordinary. Then we headed to the infamous Rice to Riches and Mark had some mascarpone flavored rice pudding with some cherries. It was an interesting flavor but I'm not sure if rice pudding is really my dessert of choice. I opted for some delicious cupcakes from baked by melissa instead!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience (TMI)

This past Friday, I had my four impacted wisdom teeth removed.

Now, I'm the type of person who wants to know exactly what they're getting into. So leading up to the operation, I had watched several wisdom teeth experience videos, read on mayoclinic what the surgeon does, and read up on things to watch out for after my operation. This didn't necessarily put my mind at complete ease but I felt very prepared and knew exactly what to expect.

I fasted for about six hours and had my operation scheduled for the early morning. I hooked up to a heart rate monitor and had laughing gas to put me at ease. Although I didn't find the gas to make me laugh, I did feel the effects of the gas which made my extremities extremely heavy. I took the general anesthetic intravenously and within a few seconds I guess I passed out.

I only remember dreaming a short dream where I had to follow my dentist around a forest. We kept walking towards the sun but there were these leaves and branches in the way. So I would get glimpses of the light every time I pushed away the leaves but the leaves would just keep blocking my view. Later, I figured that was just the illusion of hands moving across my face blocking the light they shine on your mouth. I don't know how I woke up and I don't remember anyone shaking me or calling my name.

However, when I did wake up I wasn't delirious or in some kind of trance. I was pretty much aware of what was going to happen next. I remember opening my eyes and the first thing I asked was how long did it take. Then I asked for a mirror so I could see what I looked like and I asked to see my teeth that were removed. I was briefly taught how to take care of myself for the next several days. Then before I knew it, I was escorted out into my car and driven home.

I was told that I would have a pretty easy recovery since my dentist was able to remove my teeth in whole pieces rather than cutting up my teeth and removing it that way. Which I agree with. My worst days in terms of pain was probably the day of the surgery and the day after. However, I never resorted to any pain killers that were prescribed to me except for some motrin for my inflamed jaw.

Now that it is Day 3, I can say that I'm just dying to eat a decent and filling meal and that the only pain I can feel is just pain from my cheeks rubbing up against the wounds on my gums which isn't too bad as it sounds.

To anyone who is afraid of removing their wisdom teeth, I recommend that you remove them as early as possible before they grow too large. If you're worried about the pain afterwards, it's not that bad if you know what to expect. I would say the worst thing about this whole thing is that you just can't eat whatever you want because I have been hungry the past 3 days. If you just find a surgeon you trust and some time that you can take off, then go for it!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

UsTheDuo's First NYC Concert

I was fortunate enough to attend UsTheDuo's first ever NYC concert last night. If you haven't heard of UsTheDuo, they are a singing married couple that first started posting videos on Youtube, then Vine, and from there were featured on GMA and was recently signed by Republic records. I first heard of UsTheDuo when the married couple were still single. I first found Carrissa Rae featured in cover videos by other Youtube artists such as AJ Rafael. From there, I've been following her and her now husband Michael through their romantic love journey and musical career.

Watching them last night truly humbled me. At first, I was in some kind of daze that after all these years of only seeing their faces on social media and Youtube videos that they were finally right in front of me! But then as the show went on, you could truly see how genuine and how kindhearted this couple was. They were interactive with the audience, they were charismatic and humorous, and they looked like they were incredibly happy to be there. Which made me, incredibly happy to see them too. It was a small, intimate setting so I was able to see the couple up pretty close. Luckily, I was able to catch them after their show for a mini Meet and Greet and that was when I was just in awe with how nice they were. Talking to them they had their full attention on you and they truly wanted to hear everything you had to say. It was a little intimidating because of how receptive they are. I'm not sure what I expected them to be like personality wise, but they're better than anything that I could have imagined them to be.

UsTheDuo are about to embark their FIRST ever North American Tour very soon after just releasing their second album recently. I wish them all the best and I hope they get everything they ever want because they truly deserve it. Carissa Rae and Michael Alvarado were super inspiring as a couple, as individuals, and as professionals and I was so glad to have met them.

Check them out here:

Friday, May 2, 2014

My reflection on my sophomore year of college

I just took a look at my old post on my freshman year and it's really remarkable to look back on what I was thinking exactly a year ago today. My freshman year was difficult for me and it was a true test of my character and friendships. However, for my sophomore year, I went into the fall semester with a better sense of confidence. I found myself more at ease and more sure of things.

Fall semester I began to become more open to new experiences. I began to re-acquaint myself with dancing and throwing myself out there in front of people who I've never met to judge me for how I expressed myself with movement. I found new friends and kept some old ones. But I also started to feel misplaced and out of tune with what I thought I was an integral part of. However, I threw those thoughts in an unkempt part of my brain not ready to process just yet.

Winter break was a roller coaster for me. I was still fighting with my parents' strongly held idea of me being protected and controlled little girl when in reality I felt like they were holding me back from every potential I had. I felt muted and chastised for rights that I thought every 20 year old woman should have. I resented them even more because of their stubborn ideals that embedded into their heads before the 21st century. I also found myself hungry for opportunities that I felt like I was cheated out of. Suddenly, I found people making plans to go abroad, being accepted into internships and research positions and living life. They were going to big concerts, going on trips, and partying away like every youthful individual should. My parents and I were at a standstill for a long time. It wasn't until I found myself in a stressful and sadistic state did they even consider my opinions.

By spring semester, I was determined to make amazing summer goals. I applied to places that I hoped would bring me to happier place. I found myself constantly comparing myself to people that I knew was counterproductive and also unhealthy. But continuing on, my spring semester was probably the easiest semester I will ever experience in my entire secondary school. And for that, I can only say I am grateful because of what awaits me next year. Spring brought out mixed feelings from me. Those misplaced feelings all started to surge back. I was left out and it got me down. I continued to ignore it for some time until it erupted out of me. I still find myself in those spots today, although, not as often.

I also found how much I gossiped. While gossiping may "secure" friendships. I mean what is a friendship if you don't hate and love the same people right? But I found comfort in knowing that I had friends that I could talk ideas with. Within the past few weeks I learned ideas rather than rumors from people that I spoke to. After out conversations it would almost feel relieving rather than burdening. I found out how paranoid I have become. From past secrets that I forced to make in my childhood, I've built up this undeniable paranoia that comes whenever something comes across me as uncertain. In truth, I've always know this existed but it wasn't until recently that I've tried to combat it with less worrisome thoughts. It's simply unhealthy and all it does is waste time. Which comes back to my previous fear of living an unlived life.

As always, I look forward to the summer in hopes of it being better than the last.

Thanks for reading. :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Great minds talk ideas

As a college student, I'm very well aware of the fact that if I want a job right after college, it's important that I start making connections now.

Connections. Connections. Connections.

It's hard to make a name for yourself without knowing anyone. At first, I thought that only celebrities had a tough industry to get into. Between talent scouts, finding gigs, knowing the right people to help you reach the peak of your career, it can get a little overwhelming. But it's the concept for most if not all jobs out there. A lot of has to do with starting small. Whether it's slaving away volunteer hours or getting involved in a conference related to your major. Absolutely everything counts. Which kind of got me thinking...

Taking a look around friends, past friends, and peers through Facebook, it looks like everyone's doing great. A lot of my friends are going abroad this summer or in the fall semester and others have found great internships and volunteer opportunities at big name hospitals and companies. But here's where I'm trying to point out...

I find myself kind of lagging. I don't want to settle for a job at a small name company. Even if it means doing unpaid volunteer work until I graduate at a large company where I know I want to spend the rest of my career in, so be it. I think I get too caught up in trivial things lately when I should spend my time getting answers and meeting new people that I know will help me in the future. I find myself almost down casting my own ideas because I look to others' opinions too often. No road is the same and not everyone has to travel on the same road.

This summer will probably devoted to making connections with new people in my field. I feel like a lot of my peers are making big moves in the city whereas I'm a sitting duck. I have big dreams that I hope to reach and I won't get there if I don't stop listening to the wrong people.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

My First Hip Hop Workshop

A couple weeks ago, I was able to teach my very own beginner's hip hop workshop.

A little about my dancing background. I've danced for about a year for a formal hip hop group during high school and I had a phase where I was totally into dancing. I choreographed personal pieces, I helped a couple of my friends start their own dance group, and I also learned a lot of my ballroom skills dancing for a friend's cotillion. For senior year, I dropped dancing for reasons I don't honestly remember but I knew I was always looking to get back to it in college.

Unfortunately, the university I chose didn't have a dance group that necessarily suit my style. I tried out for this one hiphop/banghara dance group that has a great reputation on campus, got called back, but didn't return because I knew that I wouldn't be able to commit all my time to it because of my heavy work load at the time. Then I found another "group" that hosted weekly workshops sometimes hosted by famous hip hop dancers and sometimes students. I found some satisfaction knowing that I was at least finding some time to dance. This is when I was invited to host my own workshop.

Preparing for this workshop definitely proved to be harder than I remembered. I had dancer's block and I couldn't find the right song or the right moves to fit what I wanted my workshop to be. I found a friend that helped me kind of get things started which helped a lot. I ended up choreographing to this song:

I crafted the choreography to be friendly to beginner dancers because most of the attendees were my friends that just came out to support me and try things out.

Anyone who danced for even half a year would understand that feeling of not being able to dance. This summer I hope to maybe revisit my dance studio and attend more workshops. With my career steadfastly developing and increasingly taking more and more of my time, I hope to still find ways to keep dancing in my life. Dancing is a way of expression and in its most basic form, it's just plain fun.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

This past weekend I made a last minute decision to spend Easter at home. Which I'm pretty glad I did but it turned out to be the well worth the trip. It's always a long and rough trip home but I ended up spending a nice relaxing Friday night at home. I can't even begin to explain how much I miss home food.

Saturday was dedicated to a much needed shopping trip which I picked up some spring essentials. I watched Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier which was absolutely AMAZING. I went in without any expectations, hardly seen any of the trailers, and any knowledge about what is supposed to happen next in the comics. Despite Mark's subtle spoilers throughout the movie, I enjoyed it a lot. I don't think you necessarily need to have seen the first captain america, but you should have seen The Avengers in order to have a pretty good understanding of what is happening.

We went to our usual spot after the movie for a simple meal.

Easter Sunday was nothing too special. I ate with my family and spent time together as usual. I don't even know why I was strongly considering not going home this weekend. Any occasion and any time that I can spend with my family should be an opportunity that I should take. I used to think that spending time away from home on holidays wasn't a big deal especially because I'm always seeking freedom that isn't always given to me at home. But especially now that I see how disappointed some of my relatives become when they stop seeing some of my cousins because they're out living their lives, makes me realize that even if I don't go home for myself, I should go home for my family. Because even though I may think that I have plenty of time to spend at home, I know some of my family don't.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nolita//Soho//Washington Square Park Over Spring Break

I try to go to NYC every time I get a break from school. I love exploring new places of NYC especially because I'm so used to hanging around the midtown/theater district area. This time I went with a friend to check out the American Apparel Warehouse located in Soho. It's definitely worth a visit but since it is a warehouse, it might not have what you want in stock. But after going there, I don't think I'll ever buy a regularly priced item at an American Apparel store ever again.

We then headed over to Washington Square Park near NYU. It was a little bit chilly the day we went but it was a perfect time ago. The sun was setting and everyone there was kind of just sitting down and enjoying the fresh air. We then went to a cute french bakery for some authentic macaroons which I unfortunately didn't get to snag a picture but were absolutely delicious.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break Treats

I apologize for my lack of updates. I feel so bad for neglecting my blog after keeping up with it for so long. Anyways, I wanted to share what food I ate during spring break! I love going out to eat but it can clearly get very expensive. More to come!