Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello August!

I've made a couple posts before on my Asian snack hauls and here's another one. These are some really popular snacks that I've seen a couple people buy and decided to try some for myself. The panda cookies are a little too sweet for my liking but then again I don't exactly have a sweet tooth. I did like the matcha flavored Pocky. But then who doesn't love Pocky?! 

This past week, I was able to attend a free Moroccan food festival where I tried Moroccan food for the first time! I wish I took a picture of the things I tried but it was absolutely delicious! They had some really yummy drinks too which included this mint green tea that was really refreshing before it quickly got that watered down flavor when the ice melted. I also got into the Moroccan spirit as picture above haha. 

Right now there's this huge trend where Birkenstocks are becoming the "IT" sandal of the summer. I do like the visual concept of the Birkenstocks but not so much the actual shoe. They're too wide and although they may be quite the comfortable shoe, I think it can easily make a dressy outfit look too casual. So I opted for these brand new sandals I happened upon at a local Nordstrom Rack. I got it for the unbeatable price of $24.95 when they're still being sold at Nordstrom! They're around $44 I believe but they're discounted to around $30 because of the Anniversary Sale that they currently have going on. I like these sandals a lot more than the Birkenstock because these still have those thick straps but it's a dressier variation which I think suits my style. 

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