Saturday, August 16, 2014

The importance of seeking adventure

I'm usually not one to step out of my comfort zone. But when it comes to finding cool local eateries and finding new parks - I'm your girl. I respect the self-proclaimed hermit as much as the next person. But I don't think it would hurt to explore a new little area time to time. Here's why:

  • GETS CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING // Now there's no exact scientific reference that I can cite right now that can prove me right. But I do believe that placing yourself in a place you have never seen before can get your creative juices flowing. Seeing new cafes, street art, and simple house architecture can inspire you. It can give you an idea of what you like and what you don't like. You can see for yourself what makes that city or town you're visiting unique from any other town. You can find local shops that sell things only characteristic of that town whether it be local foods or handcrafted jewelry.
  • BUILD AWESOME CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS // Placing yourself in a new town can be daunting to people because of the obvious fear of getting lost. So you're hungry; where is the best place to eat? So you need to get from point A to be point B; what is the best mode of transportation: foot, train, or car? I admit it can get a little dangerous. But the more often you place yourself in this kind of situation the more quickly and cunning you will get at adapting to a new place. You'll suddenly remember where the last bus stop was on your walk down the street and you'll realize that getting around in a new place isn't that bad. 
  • FINDING AMAZING FOOD SPOTS // The only way of finding the best local eateries is by trying them. Googling the best places to eat will only get you so far. The best place to eat anywhere is that small shack on the corner of the street in a semi-hidden part of town. Then after you find the spot, you can Instagram and show-off to your loyal followers how awesome the food is. (This also helps support local businesses. Yay!)
  • MAKING MEMORIES WITH FRIENDS // Adventures are ALWAYS more fun if you're with your friends. And if you're with someone else, exploring a new place won't be as scary anymore. Exploring can be a great weekend activity with a group of friends and it can easily make it into your Facebook summer picture album. 
  • MAKES YOU MORE CULTURAL // Even though your adventure of choice might mean exploring the next town over from where you live, that still can make you a little more cultural than you were before. Cultures can vary town to town and even within towns - especially in cities. The slang might change, the population changes, and the weather might be different. Either way, experiencing a new place with new people can be added to your cultural repertoire which is always a good thing. It makes you more open minded and more relatable. 

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  1. i agree with all of these. adventure, explore, grow! ;)