Sunday, April 28, 2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!

Last night I went to the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert! It was unbelievably amazing! It was a great atmosphere of hardcore fans and it was an overall great performance. Despite the rude and unbelievably tall people that my friends and I encountered we had fun anyways! I ended up getting my camera confiscated right before the concert so I didn't end up getting better quality pictures throughout the concert. But was definitely a good night.

Now that basically the fun is over, it's time to focus on finals. I'm a little shaken from the last test I took last week but I just need to shrug that off and do my best on these finals I have left. For some reason the end of spring semester seems a lot more drawn out than fall semester's. I feel like summer is so close and psychologically it's so easy to get distracted. But at least summer is in nine days! I hope my plans for summer jobs are going to work out otherwise I'll definitely have another unproductive summer. I can't wait until I just get to relax and not worry about a thing!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Another tough week!

Now, along with the rest of the college students population, we are embarking the end of our college year! Whether it is your first year, last year, in the middle of your traditional four years, it is nostalgic either way. I'm finding that as I get older, there are a lot more change and nostalgic opportunities to miss. Which just makes me want to take pictures and make more memories all along the way.

This was another tough week at school. I have my finals next week and the semester is quickly finishing up. But thankfully, there is always an upside to everything. The weather has finally eased up and spring has come to stay! I decided to embrace the weather and go on a little photoshoot of my own. I decided that this floral chiffon dress from Pacsun would suit the feel very well. After this past winter, I almost forgot what it was like to experience good weather. There was constant snow and extremely cold weather that I forgot what it was like to have fun outside and wear light clothes. I can honestly say I have never appreciated warm weather like I do now. Unfortunately, my spring allergies have found me too. But allergies are just a small price to pay.

Tomorrow night I get so Macklemore and it definitely will be an amazing experience. Lately, it has seemed the semester could not have passed any slower but now that I'm looking back it has flown by and I'm contemplating if I were able to, would I ask for more time.

But enough of that. I can't wait for this summer and getting to relax! These past two semesters have definitely asked a lot of me. I can't wait for next year where hopefully, I'll find more time to delve into extracurricular activities and just be more involved. Can't wait to see Mark and all my friends back home. Summer is just in 11 days! :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meeting Johnny Cupcakes!

This past week I had the honor of meeting the one and only Johnny Cupcakes. To be honest, I went to the event only in hopes of getting one of his shirts for free. Other than that I'm not a huge fan by any means and I never really looked up him prior to this event and all I knew was that he made shirts but he calls it Johnny Cupcakes. I was so glad I went to this event because he turned out to be a really cool and inspirational guy. He gave about an hour and a half lecture on how he turned his dream into a reality. It was incredible how he changed his life. He explained how he had a learning disability and how he was never one to win academic decathlons but he still became successful. His idea of selling t-shirts in  pseudo bakery is absolutely genius and it's so great to see such a wholesome and genuine guy get what he deserves. Many companies today are only worried about money. But Johnny Cupcakes believed in giving an experience and that's what makes him so unique from big retailers. Another thing that was interesting was that his t-shirt designs are not necessarily fashionable but they stand for something and he is able to reach out to all different kinds of demographics.

I was so lucky to get one of his classic t-shirts for a discounted student price and several things autographed by him. If Johnny Cupcakes comes to your college I encourage you all to go! The lecture is definitely worth it and meeting him afterwards is also worth the wait!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Past Weekend

This past weekend I went to support a friend at his play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern! I was fairly impressed with how professional the acting and costume design was! Then I went to my first concert, if it only took me long enough. I went to see Tyga, Cobra Starship, and Big Sean. It was a really great experience and it was really fun. Besides the pushing and getting to close for comfort with random strangers, I loved seeing them in concert! This concert just got me ten times more excited for the Macklemore concert I'm going to next weekend.

This week has been hectic! Yesterday I had two tests and a project due and I'm just so glad it's over. I've been itching to shop lately especially since the warm weather has finally come to stay where I am. I've also realized I haven't been keeping up in the shoe game which I usually do and I need to be able to cop some wedged sneakers, more gladiators that are more recent, and doc martens maybe! Countdown til the end of the semester is getting smaller and smaller! I have 19 days left at school but only 10 days of school left!

Has anyone seen the new Catching Fire trailer? I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and Catching Fire is my absolute favorite out of the trilogy but watching the trailer made me skeptical. I have some issues with the way they are presenting the information of the story to the audience that do not already know the plot. I feel almost as if they are giving points that should have been kept a secret til the movie and since they did give it away, it is more in favor of someone who already read the series. We'll have to wait for more trailers to come out. But I hope I turn out wrong.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Skinny people SUCK

I remember even thinking like this since middle school. I never understood why people thought skinny had a positive connotation to it. It's the fact that society assigned a negative connotation to the word fat so the population assumes that the opposite word with the opposite meaning assumes the positive. Naturally so, because it's logical. But I disagree. I don't know how the next "skinny" person feels but being skinny is not all that great. Yeah, flat stomachs, thigh gaps, and tight arms are the three amazing things that everyone lusts for and those are the three things skinny people have. But coming to college I realized that skinny people can be bullied too.

And before whoever you are that's reading this thinks "Bullshit." let me put it in context for you.

Since I've been here I've been reminded, noted (almost) on a daily basis, and teased about how easily I can die. I get told that I can be easily be stepped upon and instantly die. If I were in a car full of people and we got into a terrible car accident, I'd be the first to die. I'm so skinny that I can be broken up because of how thin I am and die. Etc. I get it's all fun and games but here is what I don't get.

To me, all those remarks are synonymous to telling someone who is fat or obese that they need to lose weight or diet immediately because

  1. They are at a higher risk of getting cancer.
  2. They are at a higher risk of getting diabetes.
  3. They are at a higher risk of heart failure.
So you better start losing weight. Or else you'll die.

In a room full of people. If someone were to ever, ever joke to someone "You're so fat you can get CANCER." I'm sure it won't be humorous anymore. And I always get the "Oh god Christine, POOR YOU. YOU ARE SO DAMN SKINNY. YOUR LIFE SUCKS." sarcastic remark. Well, ok I'll take that in stride because in some ways I do find myself lucky to be blessed with my body. But people need to just stop being so comparative. Living on a floor full of girls, it gets maddening. It pisses me off how people who are half an inch taller than me act like they are a foot taller. And how someone who has the same exact body type as me complain how fat she is in comparison to someone who truly is more heavy than her. I get it. Skinny people have it better. Whatever! Everyone needs to take a look in the same damn mirror and realize what you see is what you get. And as long as you're living healthy there are other things to worry about.

And the thing to take away from this blog post since you did get to the end is much like people calling stupid things "gay" or calling someone stupid a "faggot" are misused slang that offend homosexual men. Calling someone a "stick" or someone "skinny" are also misused slang that offend thinner people. People just need to be more aware of the underlying context of what they're saying and "skinny" is a word that most often get overlooked. And people who make the comments and think skinny people don't get offended because their life is so good they don't have a muffin top are ignorant. Because regardless of how skinny people are they still are humans and have feelings and insecurities AND DON'T LIKE BEING TOLD THEIR LIFE EXPECTANCY CAN GO FROM 100 TO 19 AT ANY SECOND. So before you say how lucky someone is because of how skinny they are then do a self-check and remember this blog post.

Because I'd rather be called healthy than skinny.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Early morning to get tickets...

Had an early start to my day as a bunch of my friends and I headed to a nearby college to snag some tickets to go to a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert! With rumors and doubts hitting the air and of course, all the drama, we fortunately got to the box office early enough to get some of the last tickets going out. I am ecstatic just because it's just going to be a good night of good friends and good music. This Sunday, I'm heading out to the spring concert for my school and I'm just excited to see Big Sean and Tyga. It's Thursday night and much like every week night, I'll be studying and trying to get work done. This week has just been so much drama and "she said this" and "she said that" that I'm just waiting for this week to be over already. Living on a floor full of girls has its disadvantages and I get so sick of it.

Pictured above are me and my friend's thrifted finds from this past Saturday. She's a big Dave Mathews Band so I'm glad she was able to find a t-shirt from their 2007 European tour! I love everything I got and how it turned out after we cut everything up. And of course, I'll probably be rocking one of these tops to the Macklemore concert! I suggest everyone to try going to their local thrift store and see what they find. You never know what you might find!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mint Candy Apple by Essie!

This is a new nail polish that I have been loving! It's so bright and eye catching, it's just absolutely perfect for the spring! Today is going to be devoted to homework and more homework. I have no time to just chill out lately. Every time I get something done, there's something else I need to start on! It's madness. I hope I can make it to the end of the school year without pulling my hair out. But meanwhile, I'll be trying to enjoy the final days of my freshman year because I know I'm going to miss how easy I had it by senior year!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OOTD and New Banner!

With a new season coming along, it was time for a new banner! I love these trousers for spring weather that will keep you cool because of the thin fabric and loose material! It absolutely looks incredible with any plain or graphic tee. Then you can dress it up with a denim jacket or vest like how I paired it in my outfit!

I am really excited for this upcoming weekend because I'll get to see Big Sean and Tyga in concert! I've never been to a real concert so this will be my first one.

I've been struggling with my fall semester schedule. I'm not sure if I want to try to minor in Italian. I have 4 years of Italian already under my belt and I just wish I could use it because I do genuinely love the language, culture, food, fashion, and people. I hope to visit one day and I want to be able to be confident in the way I can speak Italian. Not necessarily for the benefit of having a language for the workforce but merely for my own personal gain. I love the sound of the language and even though it was a boring class to get through during high school, I still found it interesting. I hope that it all works out in the end even if it means to just take classes to just expand my knowledge without an official resume name for my advances.

This week in college, it was housing week. It was a difficult path til this week. My future roommate and I were at odds with each other because we disagreed on which residential area. But in the end, it all worked out and I cannot wait to escape my current housing situation. Next year looks like it's going to be a tolerable and fun year in terms of living.

On my recent countdown it is 28 days until my last final and only 15 more days of classes! This fast sprint til the end is proving its speed. But I can't wait until the end. I'll finally to see all my friends who I haven't seen and really spent time in a LONG while and get to see Mark. The thoughts make me anxious! The days need to go by quicker because a carefree summer just sounds better and better as each day goes by!