Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter! This Easter is kind of weird for me because I usually spend this holiday with family but this year I'm spending it away at school. This week at school has been absolutely ridiculous! I have been stressed out and so busy especially since I hardly did any homework in preparation over spring break. But I was so relieved once this week was over with and I had the weekend to relax. I spent the weekend hanging out and catching up on sleep more or less. I already miss being home because I hate being in this routine for school because of how I stressed I get and I never have enough time to just recover and escape it. But I only have 5 more weeks of school and then I'm out for the summer!

A snack I have also been loving are these Darrel lea's soft chew licorice. They are so delicious that I had to try every flavor! My favorite has to be strawberry flavor by far! You can buy these at Target, Whole Foods, Shop Rite, or even Rite Aid!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Trends for Tops!

Today was incredibly tiring! I spent majority of my day traveling and unpacking. I woke up early to head to school and then I spent a lot of time settling back into my dorm. I tried to do homework but it was just impossible. I spent time catching up with people and hanging out. Tomorrow is going to be a slap to the face because it'll be the first day back after spring break. I am absolutely not looking forward to it. This week is already a bad week as it is with scheduling appointments on top of tests and midterms.

Anyways! With the warm weather slowly but surely approaching it's time to update our wardrobes! There are three styles I'm looking into this spring and summer. I love the tailored look so collars are always a plus. I love this black and white patterned tank with gold button detailing with a collar. It's perfect in the professional world in the summer time and also the perfect top to make casual pants a bit more dressy! I also  try not to neglect simple, graphic tee's. Although it is senseless to buy these shirts at Forever 21 because you can definitely get it for cheaper at your local thrift store and make it to how you like it. Last summer I was very into coral tops but this summer I'm attracted to mint hues more. I can't wait for the warm weather so I can start wearing these babies!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

End of Spring Break!

Ah, so it's the end of spring break and it definitely came too soon. Tomorrow morning I'll be heading back to school for the last long leg of the race. I honestly cannot wait for summer. Spring break was such a tease. I hope the next five weeks go by super fast because I have a feeling this summer will be great and since I will end school early May, I'll have ample time to enjoy it!

I want to enjoy some of my favorite snacks this week while I was home. One of my favorite Filipino desserts is polvoron! I'm not sure if it originated from the Spanish or if it's truly 100% Filipino but I love it! It's basically flour and sugar packed together into a super soft cookie shape. I have to have it in the Goldilocks brand otherwise it's just not polvoron to me. So whenever someone goes balikbayan I always ask for some. So thanks to Daisy for the hookups. :) I've also been enjoying this new flavor contender for Lays. It tastes exactly like cheesy garlic bread but I'm not sure if it tastes good without the crispy and soft texture that comes with a toasted bread... The similarities in flavor are uncanny.

I also watched Les Misérables for the third time with my family on blu-ray! I loved it just as much as the first time. It was so good and I'm so glad my parents also really enjoyed it. I swear I'll never get tired of that movie. Anyways, the rest of my night will consist of packing everything, doing last minute studying and homework, and painting my nails. I hope I get everything done!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Les Miserable Deluxe Edition and Steel Book!

What a day! I woke up early this morning with Mark to go out to Target and Best Buy to grab our own copies of Les Misérables! If you are a frequenter of this website or know me in real life, you would know that this movie is my obsession! Since Mark is a blu-ray connoisseur and is currently building an impressive blu-ray collection we were out to Target at 9am to snatch one of the few Les Misérables Target exclusive and then afterwards we went to Best Buy to grab the steel book. My Target exclusive came with 6 character cards and that's why you see Anne Hathaway on the cover rather than little Cosette and you can change the character cards based on your own preference!

Afterwards I went out to Noches de Colombia with my family for the first time and it was delicious! The portion size were enormous! Then we ran an errand and headed to the mall to make returns and of course, made a couple buys! Then I went out with Mark again to spend some time together before I head back to school on Sunday. We grabbed some ice cream and Starbucks and watched the behind the scenes Les Misérables dvd that was found in my deluxe edition.

As Sunday quickly creeps up on me I'm dreading my return back to school. Breaks at home are so great and relaxing and I just want it to last forever. Which makes summer that much more tempting. I can't wait til I'm carefree for three months straight before I go through another school year again!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rise of the Guardians and Green Tea

Last night I ended up watching Rise of the Guardians and drinking some green tea instead of being productive. And despite my slow morning... and afternoon... I hope the rest of my day is a little more productive. Since I am going back to school on Sunday I have a bunch of work I need to catch up on and studying to do. With only a month left of school I need that last bit of motivation to get me through until summer!

The Rise of the Guardians was such a cute movie! I have to say that the Sandman was my favorite character but Jack Frost is just a given. I mean who doesn't love Chris Pine? Spring Breakers is coming out this Friday! I was kind of hoping that I would be able to see it but I guess it'll have to wait. SPOILER ALERT: I had no idea that there would be a threesome scene in the movie. And the fact that Rachel Korine is the fourth girl just pisses me off. No one knows her! How are you going to have an all star cast and have a random placed in there? To top it off, she's married to the director. It's really ignorant of me to say, given that I haven't seen the movie yet, but when I just look at the movie poster and I see all these popular celebrities and I have no idea who she is... it dampers my motivation to see the movie. It's just if you're going to have a popular cast, keep it at that.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fair Weather

Finally, just in time for spring, we finally got to see some sun today! I spent most of my day catching up with Alex which is always a good time. :) We always spend hours in Panera eating and just catching up. I know it's becoming a reoccurring theme in my posts lately, but it's really not until breaks like these that you realize how much time has passed. Last time I had a session with Alex was winter break and it really didn't feel too long ago. It's so crazy to see the differences overtime.

I think it's funny how much athletic clothing I have accumulated over the past week but I just couldn't help myself to these deals! I found most of these at Jc Penney. They are all dri fits and each were $12 or less which is a really good buy. I'm not much of a work out kind of person. But I do enjoy how comfortable they are haha. 

Sad to say that it is already the middle of my spring break and I'm not ready to go back to school in a few days. But fortunately, April looks like a promising month and it will also be concluding the end of my freshman year. I can't wait until the summer, warm weather, and a bunch of free, relaxing time!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On Trend for Spring!

I spent my day laying in bed, reading on my Kindle, eating, and trying to be productive. I woke up to more snow and rain but fortunately, by the end of the day, the sun came out to say hello. I watched the PLL finale with Alexa which seemed promising at first but I was fairly disappointed by the end of it. The episode absolutely did not reveal anything at all! It only provided more questions and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SERIES TO END. Ok, I love the show and all but I cannot agree more that the show is needs to come to a close. The plot is getting to elaborate and clearly, there is no continuity anymore but it still stands because it is addicting and most of the audience is comprised of preteens. I just need to find out who A is already...

Anyways, a trend I'm delving into for this spring are crop tops and high waisted shorts. Ok, before I get any weird looks from people who know me wearing this outfit, let me explain. High waisted shorts are meant for people who naturally have a longer torso than legs. Much like high low skirts and high waisted skirts, it gives the illusion of people with long torsos have short ones and makes it look like they are taller and have long legs. However, this does not mean people who have short torsos and long legs mean they cannot wear these.  I have a short torso and long legs so, for me, this outfit does not show my midriff. The crop top and shorts actually overlap, providing me no actual benefit other than just a cute outfit to wear. So if you are iffy about this trend, give it a go. It might give you a taller silhouette or cooling outfit for the summer.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Snow during my spring break!

I have been very thankful waking up alone in my own room with no one to disturb my slumber as someone usually does at college. Today was busy. I accompanied Mark to pick up his Avengers box set which is a nice addition to his growing blu ray collection. Then I went to my eye doctor's appointment to update my glasses. I have been wearing the same pair of glasses since 7th grade and honestly, they aren't flattering. Wearing the pair I currently have didn't really matter until recently because no one really saw in glasses and I never wore them out. But I've been hearing that corneas can eventually deteriorate or be irritated by constant contact lens use so I want to be able to have a fashionable alternative. I also miss having the convenience of throwing on my glasses and going out in public with confidence. I hope the pick I made today is enough to at least last me a couple years fashion wise.

Later in the evening I caught up with a couple other friends and watched Wreck It Ralph, a second time for Mark and I. I can't get over how cute that movie is. I realize that a lot of movies are making strides in integrating 3D into the movie experience and I hope it turns into an additive to creating a realistic motion picture rather than only a "cool it looks like it's going to pop out" effect. I hope that in the future the requirement of 3D glasses gets exacerbated to the point where it pushes innovators to somehow make the glasses obsolete. Then we'll be able to watch movies, lens free.

I have so much work to catch up on and scholarships to fill out before this week ends and I already feel like the days are going by so fast! But fast moving days only means it is getting closer and closer to spring and warm weather. Although, you can hardly tell with the four inches of snow outside... I hope tomorrow is a little more productive since the snow will put most of my activities on pause for now.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break!

I have felt so bad about abandoning or going on a month long unannounced hiatus. But school has been overwhelming and stressful as usual so this blog has kind of been put off on the back burner. BUT since I am currently on spring break and that it is official spring somewhere by the end of this week, that means spring fashion is here! Although I am a "winter baby" my favorite season is summer. I just love the fashion and colors so much more than winter or fall. With that in mind, I have already broke bank on shopping for spring clothes!

This spring I am definitely delving into high waisted shorts, crop tops, bustiers, and bold prints. All of which is usually out of my comfort zone but since they are definitely on trend of this spring/summer I am definitely willing to try.

But honestly, I cannot believe that spring break is already here. I feel like I blinked twice and all of the sudden I am in the latter quarter of my freshman year in college. Seriously so much has changed, but of course, when has it not. I believe that there are good things to come and I have been trying to just live in the moments because before I know it, it'll be another beginning to another year and I'll be stuck living in the past. I hope the rest of the week turns out to be productive and filled with reconnecting moments! But as for tonight, I'll be busy catching up on Teen Vogues that I've missed while at school and enjoying the strawberry scent of my strawberry candle from Bath and Body Works.