Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lovely food dates

I AM STUFFED. Today was all about food and catching up with friends! I finally met up with Alex today and we had our semi annual? Perhaps occasional Panera date that we do ceremoniously after being apart of long periods of time. It was delicious as always and the talks were prime as always! It was great reconnecting after such a long time. I was incredibly stuffed but I forced myself to actually start using a yoga mat I bought a couple days ago. I'm trying to get into yoga and some pilates. But most importantly I'm trying to stretch and loosen up my hamstrings. Ever since I stopped being so active and dancing, a lot of my body has been very tense.

For dinner, Mark and I had a great dinner at a local sushi place where they do salmon Wednesdays. I love salmon and it was just great. It was good having sushi again after such a long time! I've just been so tired lately because of work. But I hope I can catch a break soon.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Today was family day after another week of work. Went to church, had a lunch at grand lux then spent the afternoon watching Man of Steel! Movie was great and incredibly worth it. A quick out of the day. I wore a romper I got at forever 21 a long time ago for about $10. I had a big obsession with rompers for awhile but I only own two. I had intentions of buying more and just wearing it all summer but I never did. My knit sweater is from Brandy Melville which is incredibly warm and comfy. It was around 90 degrees today but I needed the knit for inside the theater.

I'm starting to build an affinity towards floral things and skirts. I don't know what it is but I'm slowly deviating from my high waisted shorts obsession. I do wanna find a good pair of high waisted jeans though.

This is another week of work but luckily I made plans this weekend to fit into my schedule this week. Hopefully I'll get more into the habit and finally start seeing some friends this summer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Angus burgers

Today was such a beautiful day after a torrential downpour yesterday. It wasn't too hot and there was a perfect cool breeze. Me and Mark decided to spontaneously head out to the zoo and make use of the good weather! The rest of the week looks perfect as well, but too bad I'm going to be stuck at work.

I've been on a rampage to completely change my wardrobe and it's not doing my wallet any good. I've seriously gone through so many phases with my closet. It seems to change every few years. And what I'm left with are just unworn clothes. My closet is full of clothes from years back and it just accumulated into this massive jumble of clothes that used to define me. But when it comes to cleaning things out I find myself clinging onto clothes for dear life reasoning that I might find use for it in the future. Sometimes the fear of regret outweighs practicality.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

easy baybay i nevuh made lahve

What a rough week. I worked overtime this past week and I didn't realize how much time it would take away from me. I didn't really get time to myself until today and unfortunately I'm catching what seems like a small cold. Luckily I'm off again until Thursday so hopefully I can shake this bug before heading back.

With my high school's graduation coming up this Thursday I can't believe how quickly time has passed AGAIN. I definitely sound like a broken record but I remember the last few days of high school so vividly. I remember the day before graduation I overslept for the first time ever. I almost got through my entire high school career without ever being late or oversleeping until the second to last day. I remember signing yearbooks, saying goodbye to my teachers, the hot sticky weather as opposed to this week's wonderful weather. It's crazy how much anticipation gets built up prior to big events and when the big day finally comes, it just passes you. And then you spend the rest of your life just reminiscing those few hours.

Anyways, onwards we go. I was scouting for this journal that can be found at Urban Outfitters that are for compulsive buyers. I hesitated on buying it but then I went back looking for it because I kept thinking about it. Talk about a compulsive buyer's life. But then it turns out I couldn't find it. I need to find a better way of keeping track of my money and setting a certain amount that I can spend each week or each month even. Since I'm making my own money now, I feel like I'm blowing it on everything I find.

Pictured above is kinderbueno! The most delicious chocolate wafer you'll ever taste! I was first introduced to this chocolate when a friend of mine went on a trip to Spain and brought it back for me as a souvenir. Obviously I was hooked! Ironically, I found these chocolates at a local Korean store!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

what do YOU mean

Yesterday I ran some errands with my family and grabbed some bubble tea! Love my bubble tea. We went to Costco and I'm still on the hunt for the eos variety pack but it seems like my Costco is always out of stock. This week looks like it's going to a tough week. I thought it was a going to be light but instead I got assigned more shifts. Which are never a bad thing!

I can't believe it's already mid June! The summer is going by so fast and all I've done is work! I'm dying to catch up with more people in the coming weeks! It's been nonstop raining here and this photo was taken yesterday, the only day when it was not raining!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dirty laundry

Today, I spent my afternoon with Mark. Went to stop at Target to check blu rays and almost ran out of gas but luckily there was a gas station nearby. Then we spent a couple hours at Barnes and Noble reading and looking around. I'm so glad I finally got to reading again but I realized that I was still on The Outliers and personally, I think that the book is just dragging on now and I've been waiting for a conclusion to wrap it all up. I also tried the ever so famous "Cotton Candy Frap" as created by the popular MacBarbie07. It's a vanilla bean frap with 1-2 pumps of raspberry syrup. Personally, I dislike raspberry anything. And I didn't think that the frap was that delicious either. It tasted more bubblegum than cotton candy to me.

I ended up spending the evening with Daisy and we just caught up and just chilled. It looks like my week is very open next week so all my potential plans are gonna work out! I'm going to be able to watch Pretty Little Liars Tuesday and attend my old dance group's workshops Friday! And maybe I'll be able to catch up with people during the week!

Today was my high school's prom and it was very nostalgic. Looking back, I wish I did things differently. I wish I chose a different dress, I wish that my Debut and prom weren't so close together. I wish I was more brave about certain things and I wish I was a lot less bitter and more mature. To think that was all a year ago is crazy. To try to remember how I felt in those moments seem vague and under appreciated. I wish I let go a little more and just enjoyed. What I would do to go back to my high school days and what I would do to never go back.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Team hungry

Today was... pretty unproductive. Spent majority of my day being hungry, eating, and being lazy. But since today was pretty unproductive, it only leaves more motivation to be productive tomorrow. I haven't cleaned my room since I got back from college and I feel pretty disgusted about it. I missed A Liar's Guide to Rosewood last night because of work and so I still need to catch up on that.

Today Mark and I ordered this pizza for lunch and I can't believe how greasy it was. It was definitely more greasy than the average pizza! And to eat it with my cramping stomach was just unbearable. It just made me feel worse. We also had bacon cooked on top of it and I felt like most of the bacon bits were just bacon fat. I like pizza hut because I grew up on it and their crust is my favorite part. But it seems as though they have lost their touch since my childhood.

Since I've gotten home, I haven't had nearly as much exercise as I did when I went to school even if I hadn't gone to the gym. So I'm looking forward to the dance workshops that are coming up in the next week that I hopefully can attend if my job doesn't interfere. But I truly do miss dancing and I've been dying to surround myself with that kind of dancing atmosphere again.

I am so annoyed at the moment because the summer has hardly begun and I just got bit by one mosquito 3 times within about 20 minutes in my room! I hate getting bug bites and it seems that I'm extremely prone to them. I thought it was going to be able to survive this summer with minimal bug bites but I guess I was wrong...

Update: I finally killed that mosquito. Yesssss.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why, hello old sport

Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous and just perfect. Unfortunately, I had a weird case of cramps all day due to mother nature and I wasn't really able to enjoy the weather as much. I spent my morning in bed and stayed pretty much in bed until I had to go to work. Since I've been working I've been slowly appreciating my days off which I definitely need to take advantage of and use it to spend time with people.

I'm dying to go somewhere with the family for a week just to get away from everything and enjoy summer. I still need to go to the city and cross some things off my nonexistent "to-do" list. I also want to visit the Brandy Melville in Soho.

I need to get back into reading my Kindle because I have a couple books I haven't gotten to yet and there's already a bunch of other books I'm dying to read. I'm also looking to buy an iPad soon... But with the Apple convention next week, I'm anticipating a new product or upgrade. As a dedicated Android user, it's hard for me to leave Android but what I've noticed is that picture quality and the software interface are the two most important things to me that I don't want to sacrifice. So I'm really hoping Apple brings out some heavy competition to combat the Samsung Galaxy S4 so that it'll sway me either way.

The crossing guard

Today was incredibly frustrating and eventful. This afternoon when I was trying to go to the bank, I was trying to make a left turn onto a street and this crossing guard gave me the hardest time! She embarrassed me in front of the entire busy intersection by making me stop and back up into the left only lane after she stood in front of my car blocking my way to make a successful left turn. She mocked me by telling pedestrians I'm not going anywhere because she was all high and mighty standing in front of my car and made people walk in front of my car instead of walking around me. Thinking back I should have just smiled her just to tick her off more. She didn't save pedestrians, she just backed up traffic on the left only lane. And I didn't need her unnecessary extension authority as a traffic monitor.

I headed to Target with Mark. Who made me get the Brave digibook to go along with my earlier purchases of Mulan and Cinderella. Slowly but surely, building my princess movie collection.

It can go unsaid, but at this point in time, I am completely obsessed with Brandy Melville. I want everything they have and at least of half of my future paychecks will be spent at Brandy. I just feel like everything in that store was made for me.

May has been a fast month. I didn't even realize that a whole month went by. I haven't seen much friends yet but hopefully that will change soon. May has been productive though. And as I slowly get a hang of this job and time management, hopefully there will be more time for more summer fun :)