Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Ordinary Things That You Make Extraordinary

This weekend was probably the most enjoyable weekends I had in a while. But if you were to ask me what I did this weekend, I'd say I didn't really do anything special. I did what I usually did. I ate, watched TV, and casually perused online stores. But I spent my Valentine's Day weekend with someone special. It's the small moments that I enjoy the most. It's simple things

1. Walking in the snow

Normally, walking in the snow is a nuisance. Similar to a rainy day but different. It's cold and it takes extra effort to get around non-plowed walk ways. But instead, walking through snow had a magical touch to it that day. The snowflakes seemed to slow down just as they were about to reach us and gently floated onto our coats taking their respective places. The snow seemed to put everything on mute around us making it almost soundproof. The crunch of my footsteps synchronizing with yours.

2. Movie dates that never get old.

A movie date is a timeless date that couples of all ages use as their go-to for date night. But I'm not complaining. Going to the theater, picking seats, and just watching a new movie will never get old for me.

3. Breaking out in song.

"Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Hell yeah. Fuckin' right. Fuckin' right. Fuckin' right."

4. Watching TV

Whether it's a basketball game, cartoons, or even your regular overplayed chick flick I love just kickin' back and mindlessly watching while intertwined.

5. Eating meals

It's not so much the thrill of ingesting food, which I don't mind either. But it's the table conversations we have. It's when we sit face to face and the looks we give each other in between bites of food and sips of water.

All these things I try to not take for granted. Because in these small moments are the moments that I feel the connection most. For other couples. it's probably different things. It might be the extravagant weekend getaways with hotel stays and five star restaurants. It could be exploring the beaches, oceans, and hiking ranges. Even though I wouldn't mind all that, I don't need it to appreciate what I have. It's in these small moments that I enjoy time together the most.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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