Monday, February 24, 2014

Sundays are for centering

I look forward to Sundays which is abnormal because that means that next day is Monday. But I like Sundays not because of what it anticipates but what it means to me at present. Sunday is the one day of the week that I reserve to center myself, regain my balance, and find peace within myself.

I start the day off by going to church. I practice my religion on a weekly basis and I mostly to do it because I raised that way. But also, of course, because I believe in my religion. My attendance is not solely because I know it's what my parents wanted or guilt because I would feel extremely bad if I purposefully skipped Sunday service. I attend because I also want to spiritually find peace. Everyone attends church in a different way. Sometimes people actively sing in the pews or volunteer to be a part of the service whether it be reading out loud or passing out the bread. For me, I just like to listen, let my mind wander wherever it goes, and just sort of meditate on my own with the help of the service readings in the background. Whenever I leave church, I feel refreshed and anew for the week.

For the rest of my afternoon I mostly try to relax and enjoy the day. I usually attend Kripalu Yoga which is always refreshing. I got to the point of my yoga practice that if I don't get my weekly one hour yoga, I can feel the difference. I feel as if I have old, leftover toxins in my body whether they be real or imaginary. I feel as if I'm more angry, bitter over small petty things in the rest of my week.

Whether your days for centering are Sundays, the middle of the week, or at the end. I encourage everyone to find time for themselves and find their balance each week. :)

Happy centering!

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