Thursday, July 17, 2014


This week I had two experiences that only solidified how sometimes we truly never know how we can truly impact each other's lives.

I recently started volunteering regularly at a hospital near me. During my stay, I had built a friendship with one of the patients there. She told me stories from her past, her family, and her experiences. Earlier this week, she was all better and ready to go home. When she was on her way out, she hugged me and told me thanks and that she hoped to see me again. It wasn't until that moment that I realized how much we had become friends. Sometimes I have doubts about my career choice much like anyone else around my age. But it's experiences like this that make me glad I chose what I chose and that I might have chosen correctly.

Yesterday, I came across a customer at work that I just clicked with. She told me how she ballroom dances, about one of her past hardships, and she gave me some advice about my career as well. We ended up exchanging numbers and hope to reconnect soon. I honestly didn't know she would tell me such useful information and end up becoming a good networking tool.

I feel like at this point I can easily feel lost and unsure about myself. But I'm glad these moments happened so I can feel sure about myself a little longer.

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