Monday, July 7, 2014

Late July 4th Fireworks

A huge storm hit the east coast this weekend that put a damper to most peoples' 4th of July plans. I've been stressed and mostly busy this past week which kind of put me down a little because I wanted to spend time with friends and just kind of hangout this long weekend.

Thankfully, since the storm delayed some fireworks shows, I was able to enjoy some fireworks last night with a couple of friends. Since July just started, it kind of put me in that reality check that summer is halfway over and now I have to buckle down and start preparing stuff for school and moving in.

Some summer goals I have for the rest of the summer:

  1. Go hiking.
  2. Go to a "pick your own" farm.
  3. Read at least two books.
  4. Go to the high line.
  5. Make more time for friends.
  6. Study for one hour every other day
  7. Keep up with a gym schedule
  8. Beach
  9. Collect enough unique decorative pieces for my new room.
  10. Go to a couple yoga classes.

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