Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sick With a Virus

This past Thursday I caught a virus. My body ached and I had coughing fits. I was seriously miserable. But thankfully, my roommate decided to go home this weekend giving me a chance to have the room to myself and fully recuperate. It's tough being this sick on your own. I'm usually lazy but being this sick makes me ten times more lazy. Usually I could just call my mom's name and say that I want some soup. Then twenty minutes later there will be some hot chicken noodle soup and some crackers on my bed side table.

I hate being sick during the school year. It's so inconvenient. Last semester I was terrified of getting sick and then having my grades compromised because I can't perform well. Funny enough, I'm sick at the beginning of this semester and I have my first test coming up in about five days. Some of my quiz grades have already been reflective on how I've been feeling. I hope I'm feeling at least 90% well by Sunday night. Unfortunately, I go to college where it's seriously 15 degrees out at noon every day and there's a lot of walking to do when going class to class.

I can't wait until I get to go home in about two weeks. It has been a stressful start to this semester and I think everyone on my floor would agree. Especially with the cold and a virus going around. I can't believe it but I'm putting most of my trust on a groundhog. This morning Phil the groundhog didn't see his shadow indicating that spring is just around the corner. I hope he's right haha.

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