Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Begins!

So I've been home for a week and so far, so great. It's kind of hard getting out of the habit of constantly thinking of what you have to get done next and where you have to be. It's definitely a big lift off my shoulders.

However, I'm still trying to be productive with my time. Of recent, I realized that I just wasted so much money on my first year of college on just textbooks and not getting the best deal I can. Right now I'm trying to be smart with selling my textbooks and making sure that I don't buy any textbooks that I can definitely do without. Speaking of books, I bought so many books during winter break that I had intentions of finishing before spring semester. While I still have those to finish, I'm excited for the third book of the Divergent series now called Alllegiant! It's supposed to come out October 22 this year and the movie Divergent is set to release this coming March!

Honestly, I just can't wait to just catch up on my reading, sleep, and friends. I'm so glad that I got out so early because I just see my friends suffering from finals this late into May and I'm just happy that I got it all over with! Having a shorter academic year even if it's slight definitely proves its advantages.

Today, I watched Iron Man 3 with Mark for the second time and it was definitely just as good as the first time I saw it. Overall, I thought it was a really good movie that I can see be an audience pleaser. Iron Man's character and personality is definitely a favorite for moviegoers just because he's charismatic and comedic. I realized the main difference of my two movie experiences are the crowds. Typically, someone would rather have a theater to themselves but I think having a large crowd of people watching a movie with you, even if they're complete strangers, can enhance the experience for you. While my first viewing was full of people, I was comfortable laughing and reacting out loud to the movie because others were doing the same. However, the second time I saw it, there was just a handful of people and the humorous parts of the movie kind of passed over and dissipated without any reaction which kind of dampened the experience. But that's more of an extraneous feature of movie watching.

In celebrity news, Angelina Jolie spoke about how she got a double mastectomy because of her fears of contracting breast cancer like her mother and so she went to extreme preventative measures. When I came home today I found my anatomy book sprawled on the dinner table and I asked my parents what was it doing there. Turns out my parents were trying to figure out what mastectomy meant. For the longest time my dad talks about how he was a pre-med major and constantly shares his never ending wisdom on medicine. Basically, my mom ended up accidentally urinated through her pants because of how hard she was laughing at my dad because he was so sure that mastectomy was some kind of vasectomy. Similar, not really.

Source For Allegiant Cover Art

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