Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have neglected this blog and I have felt so bad about it. I recently started my first job and it has been taking up so much of my time! So far, so good. My feet ache but at least I'm getting money! It's very exciting and it makes good use of my time. I met a bunch of new people which is always good and I'm so glad to be back in my home town where everywhere you go it is culturally diverse! Honestly, I've never appreciated it until I went to school where majority of the population is white and are not familiar with other ethnicities.

The Sunday before Memorial Day I went shopping at an outlet and I bought my first pair of boat shoes from Clark's! Even though they aren't the authentic original boat shoes from Sperrys, they're still very comfortable! I use them for work because I typically have to stand for eight hours at time. I also added a new Coach bag to my new Coach family! Ever since I started my new job I have been justifying all my purchases by saying I get paid now even though I haven't even received my first pay check. But I need to slow down or else I would have spent all my money before I earned it.

Since I've been working, I haven't had as much time to take pictures which I regret. It just slips my mind. But I also haven't had as much time to be with Mark as I usually do. Today was my only day off and we decided to make it a date night. We watched The Great Gatsby in 3D which was pretty good. The movie did not "wow" me by any means and I think the movie was one way of interpreting the novel. Then we ate a CPK for dinner which was yummy! I love CPK. Usually just hanging out is fun but going on a proper movie and a dinner kind of date still means a lot and I'm glad we're still able to do it.

It's already nearing the end of May and I'm happy to say that I accomplished most of my goals for this month. Not that I'm a formal goal setter. But I thought this month was a very productive one. And the last thing I wanted was an unproductive summer. I hope by next month I'll get a hang of this whole working thing, get back to reading books on my kindle, and making time for people that want to hangout.

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