Thursday, August 22, 2013

First time hiking!

Yesterday, Mark and I set out to hike for the first time! We ended up hiking for 3 hours and saw a lot of scenic spots. Towards the end, we lost track of our trail somehow and had a short panicking period where we didn't know how to get out but we eventually did. We even stumbled upon another lake on our way out. I loved hiking and how it felt to get away from everything for a short while. It was great exercise and we always stumbled upon friendly fellow hikers. Afterwards, we ate a late lunch at Panera which was nothing short of satisfying and delicious.

Later on in the day I mustered up enough energy to hangout with a friend before she set off this Saturday for school. It was reminiscent and a little sad. It's been a whole year since we all were first scared of the first day of college and going away. That last week full of empty promises of seeing each other throughout the year. Not that there weren't any efforts. But... well yeah.

Today I saw Kick Ass 2 with a couple friends which was amazing. I never had an interest in Chloe Grace Moretz aka Hit Girl until this movie. She's definitely a bad ass. Afterwards we hit up the bowling alley and spent the time in between turns catching up. With nearly a week left of summer left, I'm already feeling the pang of depression as summer slowly ends.

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