Monday, August 19, 2013


This past Sunday my family and I went to check out Mizumi which is a Japanese buffet style restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised with how clean, delicious, and variety of options they had. I'm not the type of eater that would necessarily excel at buffets. I'm more of the type that eats smaller portioned meals frequently rather than three big meals. Nonetheless, I was able to try a lot of their sushi, typical Japanese dishes (not pictured) such as Kimchi, breaded pork, calamari, and different soups. I was glad that they didn't have typical American favorites such as pizza, burgers, or hot dogs. Although they had fries, I thought it was important they kept consistency in the restaurant. My favorite dessert I tried was the green tea cake. I was disappointed I couldn't eat more of it simply because I didn't have room but it was definitely delicious.

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