Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to school shopping again

Yesterday I headed to Ikea once again to just get some small things for school and grab some good dinner. Sometimes the best food is Ikea food. Some times... usually it's hardly even cafeteria food quality. This week quickly passed and now I suddenly have a week left at home. I'm stocking up on food again and I'm slowly packing up all my things. Next week is my last day at work and it's crazy to think how nervous I was to do the interview at the beginning of summer. Now, I'm just going on a school hiatus.

A lot of things happened to me over the past week that made me realize how often people and especially me, overreact and dramatize little things. It's almost as if we want to feel sorry for ourselves and make things worse than it actually is. Then later sulk about how much we want to be happy. This is just a friendly reminder to stop sweating the small things! Things can get stressful, situations can get bad and worse even - but that doesn't mean things can get better.

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  1. That's true! Sometimes I really like Ikea food :D
    Have a nice day!