Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nolita//Soho//Washington Square Park Over Spring Break

I try to go to NYC every time I get a break from school. I love exploring new places of NYC especially because I'm so used to hanging around the midtown/theater district area. This time I went with a friend to check out the American Apparel Warehouse located in Soho. It's definitely worth a visit but since it is a warehouse, it might not have what you want in stock. But after going there, I don't think I'll ever buy a regularly priced item at an American Apparel store ever again.

We then headed over to Washington Square Park near NYU. It was a little bit chilly the day we went but it was a perfect time ago. The sun was setting and everyone there was kind of just sitting down and enjoying the fresh air. We then went to a cute french bakery for some authentic macaroons which I unfortunately didn't get to snag a picture but were absolutely delicious.

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  1. Stunning photos!