Sunday, April 27, 2014

My First Hip Hop Workshop

A couple weeks ago, I was able to teach my very own beginner's hip hop workshop.

A little about my dancing background. I've danced for about a year for a formal hip hop group during high school and I had a phase where I was totally into dancing. I choreographed personal pieces, I helped a couple of my friends start their own dance group, and I also learned a lot of my ballroom skills dancing for a friend's cotillion. For senior year, I dropped dancing for reasons I don't honestly remember but I knew I was always looking to get back to it in college.

Unfortunately, the university I chose didn't have a dance group that necessarily suit my style. I tried out for this one hiphop/banghara dance group that has a great reputation on campus, got called back, but didn't return because I knew that I wouldn't be able to commit all my time to it because of my heavy work load at the time. Then I found another "group" that hosted weekly workshops sometimes hosted by famous hip hop dancers and sometimes students. I found some satisfaction knowing that I was at least finding some time to dance. This is when I was invited to host my own workshop.

Preparing for this workshop definitely proved to be harder than I remembered. I had dancer's block and I couldn't find the right song or the right moves to fit what I wanted my workshop to be. I found a friend that helped me kind of get things started which helped a lot. I ended up choreographing to this song:

I crafted the choreography to be friendly to beginner dancers because most of the attendees were my friends that just came out to support me and try things out.

Anyone who danced for even half a year would understand that feeling of not being able to dance. This summer I hope to maybe revisit my dance studio and attend more workshops. With my career steadfastly developing and increasingly taking more and more of my time, I hope to still find ways to keep dancing in my life. Dancing is a way of expression and in its most basic form, it's just plain fun.

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