Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The crossing guard

Today was incredibly frustrating and eventful. This afternoon when I was trying to go to the bank, I was trying to make a left turn onto a street and this crossing guard gave me the hardest time! She embarrassed me in front of the entire busy intersection by making me stop and back up into the left only lane after she stood in front of my car blocking my way to make a successful left turn. She mocked me by telling pedestrians I'm not going anywhere because she was all high and mighty standing in front of my car and made people walk in front of my car instead of walking around me. Thinking back I should have just smiled her just to tick her off more. She didn't save pedestrians, she just backed up traffic on the left only lane. And I didn't need her unnecessary extension authority as a traffic monitor.

I headed to Target with Mark. Who made me get the Brave digibook to go along with my earlier purchases of Mulan and Cinderella. Slowly but surely, building my princess movie collection.

It can go unsaid, but at this point in time, I am completely obsessed with Brandy Melville. I want everything they have and at least of half of my future paychecks will be spent at Brandy. I just feel like everything in that store was made for me.

May has been a fast month. I didn't even realize that a whole month went by. I haven't seen much friends yet but hopefully that will change soon. May has been productive though. And as I slowly get a hang of this job and time management, hopefully there will be more time for more summer fun :)

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