Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Tree in NYC!

Last night, Mark and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to the city to see the tree. Traffic was absolutely crazy and there was a ton of people milling about, taking pictures, and seeing all the extra lights and decorations that get put out during the holidays. It was hard getting a picture by the tree just because everyone was moving but luckily, we found another couple that needed a picture as well and we did a sort of trade off. The weather was absolutely perfect with a nice breeze. We saw a street performer that jumped over four people with no help from a trampoline or anything but his own momentum and skill. Which was pretty impressive to say the least. It was a lot of fun and I finally was able to grab some chicken and rice which I more than satisfied with. You simply can't beat street food sometimes. It was another long trip back home because of the never ending traffic but it was worth it. :)

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