Thursday, April 11, 2013

Early morning to get tickets...

Had an early start to my day as a bunch of my friends and I headed to a nearby college to snag some tickets to go to a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert! With rumors and doubts hitting the air and of course, all the drama, we fortunately got to the box office early enough to get some of the last tickets going out. I am ecstatic just because it's just going to be a good night of good friends and good music. This Sunday, I'm heading out to the spring concert for my school and I'm just excited to see Big Sean and Tyga. It's Thursday night and much like every week night, I'll be studying and trying to get work done. This week has just been so much drama and "she said this" and "she said that" that I'm just waiting for this week to be over already. Living on a floor full of girls has its disadvantages and I get so sick of it.

Pictured above are me and my friend's thrifted finds from this past Saturday. She's a big Dave Mathews Band so I'm glad she was able to find a t-shirt from their 2007 European tour! I love everything I got and how it turned out after we cut everything up. And of course, I'll probably be rocking one of these tops to the Macklemore concert! I suggest everyone to try going to their local thrift store and see what they find. You never know what you might find!

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