Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meeting Johnny Cupcakes!

This past week I had the honor of meeting the one and only Johnny Cupcakes. To be honest, I went to the event only in hopes of getting one of his shirts for free. Other than that I'm not a huge fan by any means and I never really looked up him prior to this event and all I knew was that he made shirts but he calls it Johnny Cupcakes. I was so glad I went to this event because he turned out to be a really cool and inspirational guy. He gave about an hour and a half lecture on how he turned his dream into a reality. It was incredible how he changed his life. He explained how he had a learning disability and how he was never one to win academic decathlons but he still became successful. His idea of selling t-shirts in  pseudo bakery is absolutely genius and it's so great to see such a wholesome and genuine guy get what he deserves. Many companies today are only worried about money. But Johnny Cupcakes believed in giving an experience and that's what makes him so unique from big retailers. Another thing that was interesting was that his t-shirt designs are not necessarily fashionable but they stand for something and he is able to reach out to all different kinds of demographics.

I was so lucky to get one of his classic t-shirts for a discounted student price and several things autographed by him. If Johnny Cupcakes comes to your college I encourage you all to go! The lecture is definitely worth it and meeting him afterwards is also worth the wait!

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