Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OOTD and New Banner!

With a new season coming along, it was time for a new banner! I love these trousers for spring weather that will keep you cool because of the thin fabric and loose material! It absolutely looks incredible with any plain or graphic tee. Then you can dress it up with a denim jacket or vest like how I paired it in my outfit!

I am really excited for this upcoming weekend because I'll get to see Big Sean and Tyga in concert! I've never been to a real concert so this will be my first one.

I've been struggling with my fall semester schedule. I'm not sure if I want to try to minor in Italian. I have 4 years of Italian already under my belt and I just wish I could use it because I do genuinely love the language, culture, food, fashion, and people. I hope to visit one day and I want to be able to be confident in the way I can speak Italian. Not necessarily for the benefit of having a language for the workforce but merely for my own personal gain. I love the sound of the language and even though it was a boring class to get through during high school, I still found it interesting. I hope that it all works out in the end even if it means to just take classes to just expand my knowledge without an official resume name for my advances.

This week in college, it was housing week. It was a difficult path til this week. My future roommate and I were at odds with each other because we disagreed on which residential area. But in the end, it all worked out and I cannot wait to escape my current housing situation. Next year looks like it's going to be a tolerable and fun year in terms of living.

On my recent countdown it is 28 days until my last final and only 15 more days of classes! This fast sprint til the end is proving its speed. But I can't wait until the end. I'll finally to see all my friends who I haven't seen and really spent time in a LONG while and get to see Mark. The thoughts make me anxious! The days need to go by quicker because a carefree summer just sounds better and better as each day goes by!

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