Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Past Weekend

This past weekend I went to support a friend at his play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern! I was fairly impressed with how professional the acting and costume design was! Then I went to my first concert, if it only took me long enough. I went to see Tyga, Cobra Starship, and Big Sean. It was a really great experience and it was really fun. Besides the pushing and getting to close for comfort with random strangers, I loved seeing them in concert! This concert just got me ten times more excited for the Macklemore concert I'm going to next weekend.

This week has been hectic! Yesterday I had two tests and a project due and I'm just so glad it's over. I've been itching to shop lately especially since the warm weather has finally come to stay where I am. I've also realized I haven't been keeping up in the shoe game which I usually do and I need to be able to cop some wedged sneakers, more gladiators that are more recent, and doc martens maybe! Countdown til the end of the semester is getting smaller and smaller! I have 19 days left at school but only 10 days of school left!

Has anyone seen the new Catching Fire trailer? I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and Catching Fire is my absolute favorite out of the trilogy but watching the trailer made me skeptical. I have some issues with the way they are presenting the information of the story to the audience that do not already know the plot. I feel almost as if they are giving points that should have been kept a secret til the movie and since they did give it away, it is more in favor of someone who already read the series. We'll have to wait for more trailers to come out. But I hope I turn out wrong.

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