Friday, April 26, 2013

Another tough week!

Now, along with the rest of the college students population, we are embarking the end of our college year! Whether it is your first year, last year, in the middle of your traditional four years, it is nostalgic either way. I'm finding that as I get older, there are a lot more change and nostalgic opportunities to miss. Which just makes me want to take pictures and make more memories all along the way.

This was another tough week at school. I have my finals next week and the semester is quickly finishing up. But thankfully, there is always an upside to everything. The weather has finally eased up and spring has come to stay! I decided to embrace the weather and go on a little photoshoot of my own. I decided that this floral chiffon dress from Pacsun would suit the feel very well. After this past winter, I almost forgot what it was like to experience good weather. There was constant snow and extremely cold weather that I forgot what it was like to have fun outside and wear light clothes. I can honestly say I have never appreciated warm weather like I do now. Unfortunately, my spring allergies have found me too. But allergies are just a small price to pay.

Tomorrow night I get so Macklemore and it definitely will be an amazing experience. Lately, it has seemed the semester could not have passed any slower but now that I'm looking back it has flown by and I'm contemplating if I were able to, would I ask for more time.

But enough of that. I can't wait for this summer and getting to relax! These past two semesters have definitely asked a lot of me. I can't wait for next year where hopefully, I'll find more time to delve into extracurricular activities and just be more involved. Can't wait to see Mark and all my friends back home. Summer is just in 11 days! :)

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