Friday, April 12, 2013

Skinny people SUCK

I remember even thinking like this since middle school. I never understood why people thought skinny had a positive connotation to it. It's the fact that society assigned a negative connotation to the word fat so the population assumes that the opposite word with the opposite meaning assumes the positive. Naturally so, because it's logical. But I disagree. I don't know how the next "skinny" person feels but being skinny is not all that great. Yeah, flat stomachs, thigh gaps, and tight arms are the three amazing things that everyone lusts for and those are the three things skinny people have. But coming to college I realized that skinny people can be bullied too.

And before whoever you are that's reading this thinks "Bullshit." let me put it in context for you.

Since I've been here I've been reminded, noted (almost) on a daily basis, and teased about how easily I can die. I get told that I can be easily be stepped upon and instantly die. If I were in a car full of people and we got into a terrible car accident, I'd be the first to die. I'm so skinny that I can be broken up because of how thin I am and die. Etc. I get it's all fun and games but here is what I don't get.

To me, all those remarks are synonymous to telling someone who is fat or obese that they need to lose weight or diet immediately because

  1. They are at a higher risk of getting cancer.
  2. They are at a higher risk of getting diabetes.
  3. They are at a higher risk of heart failure.
So you better start losing weight. Or else you'll die.

In a room full of people. If someone were to ever, ever joke to someone "You're so fat you can get CANCER." I'm sure it won't be humorous anymore. And I always get the "Oh god Christine, POOR YOU. YOU ARE SO DAMN SKINNY. YOUR LIFE SUCKS." sarcastic remark. Well, ok I'll take that in stride because in some ways I do find myself lucky to be blessed with my body. But people need to just stop being so comparative. Living on a floor full of girls, it gets maddening. It pisses me off how people who are half an inch taller than me act like they are a foot taller. And how someone who has the same exact body type as me complain how fat she is in comparison to someone who truly is more heavy than her. I get it. Skinny people have it better. Whatever! Everyone needs to take a look in the same damn mirror and realize what you see is what you get. And as long as you're living healthy there are other things to worry about.

And the thing to take away from this blog post since you did get to the end is much like people calling stupid things "gay" or calling someone stupid a "faggot" are misused slang that offend homosexual men. Calling someone a "stick" or someone "skinny" are also misused slang that offend thinner people. People just need to be more aware of the underlying context of what they're saying and "skinny" is a word that most often get overlooked. And people who make the comments and think skinny people don't get offended because their life is so good they don't have a muffin top are ignorant. Because regardless of how skinny people are they still are humans and have feelings and insecurities AND DON'T LIKE BEING TOLD THEIR LIFE EXPECTANCY CAN GO FROM 100 TO 19 AT ANY SECOND. So before you say how lucky someone is because of how skinny they are then do a self-check and remember this blog post.

Because I'd rather be called healthy than skinny.

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