Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Team hungry

Today was... pretty unproductive. Spent majority of my day being hungry, eating, and being lazy. But since today was pretty unproductive, it only leaves more motivation to be productive tomorrow. I haven't cleaned my room since I got back from college and I feel pretty disgusted about it. I missed A Liar's Guide to Rosewood last night because of work and so I still need to catch up on that.

Today Mark and I ordered this pizza for lunch and I can't believe how greasy it was. It was definitely more greasy than the average pizza! And to eat it with my cramping stomach was just unbearable. It just made me feel worse. We also had bacon cooked on top of it and I felt like most of the bacon bits were just bacon fat. I like pizza hut because I grew up on it and their crust is my favorite part. But it seems as though they have lost their touch since my childhood.

Since I've gotten home, I haven't had nearly as much exercise as I did when I went to school even if I hadn't gone to the gym. So I'm looking forward to the dance workshops that are coming up in the next week that I hopefully can attend if my job doesn't interfere. But I truly do miss dancing and I've been dying to surround myself with that kind of dancing atmosphere again.

I am so annoyed at the moment because the summer has hardly begun and I just got bit by one mosquito 3 times within about 20 minutes in my room! I hate getting bug bites and it seems that I'm extremely prone to them. I thought it was going to be able to survive this summer with minimal bug bites but I guess I was wrong...

Update: I finally killed that mosquito. Yesssss.

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