Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lovely food dates

I AM STUFFED. Today was all about food and catching up with friends! I finally met up with Alex today and we had our semi annual? Perhaps occasional Panera date that we do ceremoniously after being apart of long periods of time. It was delicious as always and the talks were prime as always! It was great reconnecting after such a long time. I was incredibly stuffed but I forced myself to actually start using a yoga mat I bought a couple days ago. I'm trying to get into yoga and some pilates. But most importantly I'm trying to stretch and loosen up my hamstrings. Ever since I stopped being so active and dancing, a lot of my body has been very tense.

For dinner, Mark and I had a great dinner at a local sushi place where they do salmon Wednesdays. I love salmon and it was just great. It was good having sushi again after such a long time! I've just been so tired lately because of work. But I hope I can catch a break soon.

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