Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why, hello old sport

Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous and just perfect. Unfortunately, I had a weird case of cramps all day due to mother nature and I wasn't really able to enjoy the weather as much. I spent my morning in bed and stayed pretty much in bed until I had to go to work. Since I've been working I've been slowly appreciating my days off which I definitely need to take advantage of and use it to spend time with people.

I'm dying to go somewhere with the family for a week just to get away from everything and enjoy summer. I still need to go to the city and cross some things off my nonexistent "to-do" list. I also want to visit the Brandy Melville in Soho.

I need to get back into reading my Kindle because I have a couple books I haven't gotten to yet and there's already a bunch of other books I'm dying to read. I'm also looking to buy an iPad soon... But with the Apple convention next week, I'm anticipating a new product or upgrade. As a dedicated Android user, it's hard for me to leave Android but what I've noticed is that picture quality and the software interface are the two most important things to me that I don't want to sacrifice. So I'm really hoping Apple brings out some heavy competition to combat the Samsung Galaxy S4 so that it'll sway me either way.


  1. Hi, I was wondering where did you get this top? It's actually really cool. :) Btw, I came across your blog and absolutely love it. Looking forward to more posts from you. ;)



    1. Hi Giselle! Thank you! I got this shirt from Brandy Melville! Good luck with you blog! I hope you don't delete this one! :)