Wednesday, January 22, 2014

20th Birthday!

On Monday, I turned 20 years old. So long teenage years, I'm now embarking on my twenties. It's kind of frightening actually. Because I act like I'm 14 and I look like I'm specifically 12 years old to the average person. But I'm actually 20.

You can say I am a scrooge when it comes to my own birthday. Especially after my Debut, my Filipino 18th birthday instead of the popular Sweet 16, I've grown a bitter resentment to my own birth date. Part of it is due to my minimized freedom and large dependency when I'm at home but another part of it is that I often compare myself to my peers. I have friends that have traveled to Italy for months, toured the west coast of the U.S., and have probably experienced a lot of experiences that I haven't even encountered. Basically, I feel like I have yet to live my life. But maybe that my path. It's just hard for me to accept since I feel like it's not entirely my fault. But every year I turn one year older and every year, I haven't done anything extraordinary that I had expected to do.

I traveled back to college for spring semester on my birthday. I was welcomed with greetings and a very nice surprise with cards, gifts, and a movie night out when I hadn't expected anything! I can't wait to go back home this weekend to celebrate my birthday with my family :)

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