Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time for others

I've been spending the past few days catching up and seeing old friends. I think everyone has a habit of waiting until the last two weeks of break to leave our houses to see anyone. But I'm glad that seeing everyone has been falling right into place quite easily. But the fact that break is already winding down is such a disappointment. I never want to go back to endless amount of work and daily schedules. I love just laying around and relaxing. If only I could do this every day!

The past few days have been terribly cold and today the heat in my house stopped working. Fortunately, it was only because the pilot light was out which seemed to be a quick fix. I keep taking electrical heating for granted especially on the coldest days of winter. The extreme cold has only been making me want summer more! This cold just makes me want to stay in bed and hibernate.

Stay warm! xx

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