Saturday, January 11, 2014

Craving for fries

The last few days have been kind of slow. A lot of my friends are leaving for school for the spring semester and with a week of break still left for me, I'll only have packing to look forward to. I've been pretty good about not spending my money even though it is hard not to. Especially on really good sales that are just begging me to spend my money. But I took a good look at my closet and I was shaking my head at the fact that I've only been wearing my most recent clothing. Too much in my closet are trendy tops. I need a lot more classic pieces that I can keep in my closet for basically a lifetime.

I've been craving some good fries lately. Mark and I stopped by Smashburger to satisfy my craving. They were alright. I dislike how thin they were though.

The rest of my night will consist of me watching Blogilates and the Incredibles, drinking some tea and having some ramen to sooth my sore throat. I've recently been perusing the Free People website and love their spring line. So beautiful. They might very well be the sole reason why I break my new shopping resolution.

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