Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grandma's 90th Birthday!

This weekend I headed back home to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday. The last few months have been tough for her so I'm glad I was able to see her so happy on her birthday. We had a ton of Filipino food and a couple cakes to share. We were actually nervous about how many people would show up because it was snowing. But it turns out more people came than expected and my grandma was just thrilled to see everyone.
My grandma got so emotional when we were singing her happy birthday and all her great grandchildren surrounded her, singing along. It was then that I realized how old my grandma really is. I mean seeing the numbers 90 on her cake just made me realize how many years have passed. My grandma was the one who primarily raised me because both my parents had day time jobs. I remember how we would walk to the local grocery store and how every late afternoon she would step outside to water her garden. Now, she's a lot more fragile than she was 20 years ago. It's not really until I got to college did I realize how old everyone in my family is getting. But I'm glad I did so I can treasure these moments and make them meaningful.

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