Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gingerbread Tree!!

This morning I woke up to get ready for church and I looked in the mirror and saw some really bad eye bags. I have been getting plenty of sleep but on top of that I've been trying out this anti-puff and dark circle remover cream. Either I'm just waking up with a puffy face or the eye cream is reacting with the skin under my eyes. Although I do see less dark circles, the puffiness I wake up to is still menacing.

I went to church with my family and went to Red Lobster for lunch. When I came home I had a few friends over to watch the Hangover (unrated version) and decorate this long overdue gingerbread tree. I think it came out pretty well. Although the gingerbread cookies weren't very appetizing... they never really are. The day went by quickly and it's just hours away from New Year's Eve!

Yesterday all day I was in my bed reading Divergent. I couldn't stop reading it. So, today I got to use my Kindle 4 for the first time and read Insurgent! I'm excited for her third book to come out which is supposed to come out this coming year. Hopefully Insurgent is as good as the first book!

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