Thursday, December 27, 2012

Target run and perfect overall nude lipstick!

Yesterday it snowed enough to cover lawns and sidewalks and when I woke up it was disintegrated into tiny patches by the thunderstorm last night. I had yet another early start today, I had to run a bunch of errands to run with my mom. We went to target looking for more gifts and came out successful! I finally got my peppermint mocha from starbucks!

During my drive I came across a paper merchant truck and it reminded me of Killing Floor. SPOILER ALERT. In the book, Jack Reacher solves a crime that involves counterfeiting money and how they did it was by bleaching dollar bills and reprinting it with larger values. When all along, investigators were trying to figure out which paper company was providing the currency material. Then, they transported tons and tons of paper via trucks across the country. And I just thought it was funny the chances of me coming across a truck probably carrying paper.

Looking for a nude lipstick for you?
Finding a good shade of nude is important for an every day face. A lot of people look for that "my lips but better" shade. Most youtube beauty gurus rave about Fairest Nude by L'Oreal. My complexion is fair and this nude fits me well. The lipstick is not too creamy so I suggest putting on non pigmented lip balm before applying. And it's affordable too!

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