Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Today was pretty busy. This morning my mom and I headed out to the mall to check out the after Christmas sales and see if we can buy any Christmas gifts. My family doesn't really do the big parties on Christmas. We just all wait until New Year's. And I would say our shopping trip was pretty successful since we bought about 4/7 gifts. Once we got out of the mall it was snowing like crazy! Traffic turned our 15 minute ride home to 30 minutes. Today was Mark's birthday!! So a group of my friends ate at a small restaurant to celebrate :)

I had a weird encounter with a cat today. My neighbor has a cat and ever since I can remember the cat practically lived outside. I think it even reverted back to its wild instincts. My first memory of that cat was when I was playing in my backyard and there was a little toddler player in my neighbor's backyard. The toddler tried to make his way back to the house but the cat didn't let him on the deck to get into the house. The toddler would run try to dodge it but the cat would run faster than him and hiss at him. The toddler cried and eventually the mother came and carried him into the house. But I swear that cat is crazy. I remember times where I would find the cat chillin under my cars like it owns the place. I've also seen it kill birds and eat it and drink from the rain water puddles after a rain shower. But today as I was getting out of my car and walking towards my front door, I saw that cat run at me, then past me, then cuddle up under the car near where the engine would be. I realized it has been snowing and the cat must be cold so it realized that the car generates warmth. I mean I wouldn't blame it. The wind is strong tonight and the ground must be ice cold. Poor cat :(

Photos above are a box of lindor chocolates that my mom's company gifted to their employees for Christmas! Yummy!

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