Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve!

No photo today! Today, my parents started getting all our numerous superstitions ready for the new year. One of them is having 13 round fruits displayed on the dinner table in a round container. Also placing plenty of different coins of different values underneath your pillow, hanging grapes on the front door, and placing coins on a round plate outside. I don't really do any of these myself besides the coins under my pillow.

I was thinking that counting down to New Year's is such a weird thing. Everyone puts on this new mantra that the next year will be better and everyone has high hopes. Then we spend time counting down the seconds as it gets closer and closer to January 1st. It's infused into society and the way we think. Humans have a tendency to get stuck in the past and find it impossible to move on. New Year's makes it possible. As a world, we all ring in the New Year. Anticipating a brighter future with positive outlooks. I think it's really something.

There's always those people that show up on your Facebook newsfeed or Twitter timeline trashing the "New Year, New Me" statuses and the people who criticize people who make New Year's Resolutions saying that if they wanted to change they can do it at anytime and just because it is a new year does not mean they will change for the better. But why put them down and why make fun of them about it? On just my perspective, I think it's good for them. Whether they really do change or don't, I don't really blame them. It is really hard to change something about your personality. But the thing that New Year's does is that everyone (or almost everyone) reflects and finds things they want to change about themselves and we all set foot towards those changes together. And who really knows if that person changed. So if you're one of those people suppressing your "New Year, New Me" status, it's okay. I'm here to give you a pat on the back for at least wanting to change something for the better. Just remember in the back of your mind that the same people who want to trash the "New Year, New Me's" are probably going to be the same people who will trash them next year.

ANYWAYS, as for me 2012 was really a good year. I had my 18th birthday and my Debut Party, went through my senior year -- prom, graduation, had an alright summer, then started my first semester at college and came back slightly different. (I didn't wanna piss off the people who hate "College Changed Me" statuses. ;) ) I appreciate everything that was thrown at me because I got through it and I'm happy for all my old friends, new friends, and family that surround me today! I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store and how many times it will take for me to stop writing 12 and start writing 13.

Happy New Year's Eve! :)

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