Saturday, March 23, 2013

End of Spring Break!

Ah, so it's the end of spring break and it definitely came too soon. Tomorrow morning I'll be heading back to school for the last long leg of the race. I honestly cannot wait for summer. Spring break was such a tease. I hope the next five weeks go by super fast because I have a feeling this summer will be great and since I will end school early May, I'll have ample time to enjoy it!

I want to enjoy some of my favorite snacks this week while I was home. One of my favorite Filipino desserts is polvoron! I'm not sure if it originated from the Spanish or if it's truly 100% Filipino but I love it! It's basically flour and sugar packed together into a super soft cookie shape. I have to have it in the Goldilocks brand otherwise it's just not polvoron to me. So whenever someone goes balikbayan I always ask for some. So thanks to Daisy for the hookups. :) I've also been enjoying this new flavor contender for Lays. It tastes exactly like cheesy garlic bread but I'm not sure if it tastes good without the crispy and soft texture that comes with a toasted bread... The similarities in flavor are uncanny.

I also watched Les Misérables for the third time with my family on blu-ray! I loved it just as much as the first time. It was so good and I'm so glad my parents also really enjoyed it. I swear I'll never get tired of that movie. Anyways, the rest of my night will consist of packing everything, doing last minute studying and homework, and painting my nails. I hope I get everything done!

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