Tuesday, March 19, 2013

On Trend for Spring!

I spent my day laying in bed, reading on my Kindle, eating, and trying to be productive. I woke up to more snow and rain but fortunately, by the end of the day, the sun came out to say hello. I watched the PLL finale with Alexa which seemed promising at first but I was fairly disappointed by the end of it. The episode absolutely did not reveal anything at all! It only provided more questions and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SERIES TO END. Ok, I love the show and all but I cannot agree more that the show is needs to come to a close. The plot is getting to elaborate and clearly, there is no continuity anymore but it still stands because it is addicting and most of the audience is comprised of preteens. I just need to find out who A is already...

Anyways, a trend I'm delving into for this spring are crop tops and high waisted shorts. Ok, before I get any weird looks from people who know me wearing this outfit, let me explain. High waisted shorts are meant for people who naturally have a longer torso than legs. Much like high low skirts and high waisted skirts, it gives the illusion of people with long torsos have short ones and makes it look like they are taller and have long legs. However, this does not mean people who have short torsos and long legs mean they cannot wear these.  I have a short torso and long legs so, for me, this outfit does not show my midriff. The crop top and shorts actually overlap, providing me no actual benefit other than just a cute outfit to wear. So if you are iffy about this trend, give it a go. It might give you a taller silhouette or cooling outfit for the summer.

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