Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Trends for Tops!

Today was incredibly tiring! I spent majority of my day traveling and unpacking. I woke up early to head to school and then I spent a lot of time settling back into my dorm. I tried to do homework but it was just impossible. I spent time catching up with people and hanging out. Tomorrow is going to be a slap to the face because it'll be the first day back after spring break. I am absolutely not looking forward to it. This week is already a bad week as it is with scheduling appointments on top of tests and midterms.

Anyways! With the warm weather slowly but surely approaching it's time to update our wardrobes! There are three styles I'm looking into this spring and summer. I love the tailored look so collars are always a plus. I love this black and white patterned tank with gold button detailing with a collar. It's perfect in the professional world in the summer time and also the perfect top to make casual pants a bit more dressy! I also  try not to neglect simple, graphic tee's. Although it is senseless to buy these shirts at Forever 21 because you can definitely get it for cheaper at your local thrift store and make it to how you like it. Last summer I was very into coral tops but this summer I'm attracted to mint hues more. I can't wait for the warm weather so I can start wearing these babies!

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