Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break!

I have felt so bad about abandoning or going on a month long unannounced hiatus. But school has been overwhelming and stressful as usual so this blog has kind of been put off on the back burner. BUT since I am currently on spring break and that it is official spring somewhere by the end of this week, that means spring fashion is here! Although I am a "winter baby" my favorite season is summer. I just love the fashion and colors so much more than winter or fall. With that in mind, I have already broke bank on shopping for spring clothes!

This spring I am definitely delving into high waisted shorts, crop tops, bustiers, and bold prints. All of which is usually out of my comfort zone but since they are definitely on trend of this spring/summer I am definitely willing to try.

But honestly, I cannot believe that spring break is already here. I feel like I blinked twice and all of the sudden I am in the latter quarter of my freshman year in college. Seriously so much has changed, but of course, when has it not. I believe that there are good things to come and I have been trying to just live in the moments because before I know it, it'll be another beginning to another year and I'll be stuck living in the past. I hope the rest of the week turns out to be productive and filled with reconnecting moments! But as for tonight, I'll be busy catching up on Teen Vogues that I've missed while at school and enjoying the strawberry scent of my strawberry candle from Bath and Body Works.

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