Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fair Weather

Finally, just in time for spring, we finally got to see some sun today! I spent most of my day catching up with Alex which is always a good time. :) We always spend hours in Panera eating and just catching up. I know it's becoming a reoccurring theme in my posts lately, but it's really not until breaks like these that you realize how much time has passed. Last time I had a session with Alex was winter break and it really didn't feel too long ago. It's so crazy to see the differences overtime.

I think it's funny how much athletic clothing I have accumulated over the past week but I just couldn't help myself to these deals! I found most of these at Jc Penney. They are all dri fits and each were $12 or less which is a really good buy. I'm not much of a work out kind of person. But I do enjoy how comfortable they are haha. 

Sad to say that it is already the middle of my spring break and I'm not ready to go back to school in a few days. But fortunately, April looks like a promising month and it will also be concluding the end of my freshman year. I can't wait until the summer, warm weather, and a bunch of free, relaxing time!

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