Monday, March 18, 2013

Snow during my spring break!

I have been very thankful waking up alone in my own room with no one to disturb my slumber as someone usually does at college. Today was busy. I accompanied Mark to pick up his Avengers box set which is a nice addition to his growing blu ray collection. Then I went to my eye doctor's appointment to update my glasses. I have been wearing the same pair of glasses since 7th grade and honestly, they aren't flattering. Wearing the pair I currently have didn't really matter until recently because no one really saw in glasses and I never wore them out. But I've been hearing that corneas can eventually deteriorate or be irritated by constant contact lens use so I want to be able to have a fashionable alternative. I also miss having the convenience of throwing on my glasses and going out in public with confidence. I hope the pick I made today is enough to at least last me a couple years fashion wise.

Later in the evening I caught up with a couple other friends and watched Wreck It Ralph, a second time for Mark and I. I can't get over how cute that movie is. I realize that a lot of movies are making strides in integrating 3D into the movie experience and I hope it turns into an additive to creating a realistic motion picture rather than only a "cool it looks like it's going to pop out" effect. I hope that in the future the requirement of 3D glasses gets exacerbated to the point where it pushes innovators to somehow make the glasses obsolete. Then we'll be able to watch movies, lens free.

I have so much work to catch up on and scholarships to fill out before this week ends and I already feel like the days are going by so fast! But fast moving days only means it is getting closer and closer to spring and warm weather. Although, you can hardly tell with the four inches of snow outside... I hope tomorrow is a little more productive since the snow will put most of my activities on pause for now.

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