Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas haul!

'Ello! I spent the day today with ma best fren Daisy! WOOO HI DAISY :) We went to target and I didn't self-indulge which I am very proud of. Then we went to Barnes  Victoria secret, and Claire's  The semi annual sale this year isn't really good for me this year. Although it is a great deal on underwear and bra's... which I don't need much more of at the moment. But for the longest time I've wanted ear cuffs. Even before they were that popular and they were just floating around hipster tumblr blogs. So I thought Daisy wanted to get some ear cuffs but turns out she didn't even know Claire's had them. Which was just a funny misunderstanding. Anyways I got three because it was buy 2 get 1 free. I want to have pictures of them on me so I'll feature them later in a different post.

But for now I'll show you my Christmas haul! Daisy got me the Butter London and Benetint - two things that I have wanted for a really long time but never wanted to spend the money myself. The Benetint is really easy and convenient for people like me. I have very pale lips and sometimes I don't like reapplying my lipstick throughout the day. So Benetint, since it is a tint, stains my lips for the entire day so I don't have to worry about losing color. The nail polish is in the shade trout pout. My favorite summer color this year was coral and trout pout was the perfect coral. So I finally got to wear it!

This wallet I got is from fossil. It acts as a wallet and a clutch, it has slots for cards, money, and coins. Then it  also has a slot for your phone! I was so happy when I got this wallet because first I saw a wallet like this on MacBarbie07's youtube channel because she got one from Juicy Couture. I can't wait to use this because it'll definitely prove convenient.

Note: I also got Lauren Conrad's Beauty book for Christmas but I'll do that in a separate post for a book review :)

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