Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Spent my day with Mark today after staying up until 2am last night! So much for sleeping early.. Went out to get some more mint chocolate chip ice cream even though it's winter and picked up some new polishes from the OPI Germany collection that I've been wanting at Ulta! The green one is called Don't Talk Bach To Me and the redish/purplish one is called Every Month Is Oktoberfest. I can't wait to try oktoberfest because it was recommended by a beauty guru on YouTube.

I've been wanting to maintain connections with my cousins that I only see a couple times a year. Today a trending tag on Twitter was cut for bieber. One of my cousins is what you'd categorize a Belieber and a Directioner. Even though I know she's not the type to fall for that super, super fan crazy antics but I had to make sure. I remember when I was absolutely obsessed with High School Musical and Zac Efron. I was indeed, an avid fan. But I was never the type to go crazy over their actions outside of Hollywood. Yet, I was upset when Zanessa split up because they were THE PERFECT COUPLE. Call me ignorant, but I love them, miss them, and I don't care what anyone else says. And, I was upset when he smoked because I'm 100% against smoking. BUT what can you do. And someone like Justin Bieber who has a crazy, pre-teen fan base that are seriously self-sacrificing and obsessed to the truest meaning can never find resolve in what he does. Although he has all the fame he wants and all the money he could want, I feel sorry for him. I wonder if there will ever be a teen celebrity that isn't microscopically examined to the point where every action they did is magnified and is deemed selfish or "celebrity gone wrong". But apparently, the trending tag was just a hoax. Which.. is just plain dumb.

Anyways today is my dad's birthday! We're not doing anything special since we already went out for his early birthday yesterday at Cheesecake Factory. I hope I can see more people this week that I haven't seen yet during my break. It feels like spring semester is coming really fast and I just want things to slow down. I love being at home and doing nothing!

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