Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pretty Little Liar Premiere and Economic Investments

Today, I watched the Pretty Little Liar winter season premiere! At this point, Mona and Toby are revealed to be part of the A team. I am an avid fan. I really am. But I'm starting to realize the show is getting a bit cheesy and I've already said before that this series is being drawn out. I do expect another person to be revealed by the end of the season. But by then, this series should be nearly over... please no plot twists. I'm starting to feel that the show is just lying to me now. And since it is drawn out, I can't remember what happened last season anymore.

Usually I have a large PLL party of about 8-10 people where we eat pizza and watch together. Since some are already back at college for spring semester and most were busy. I ended up watching with just Anjali. And I'm glad it happened that way. I forgot how long it has been since Anjali and I have even hung out! I realized that whenever she would come over to watch, I never really spoke to her. Honestly, heart to hearts are the best. And the best way to rekindle old friendships.

Today, I went back to high school to participate in a quiz bowl alumni verses current members. I do miss high school. I really do. My last bits of high school were the best part. Senior year was the epitome of my high school years. Any time before that basically doesn't count for me. In my head anyways. But anyways. Onward and onward, we go.

The way I look at friendships is similar to the way I look at investments. Friendships are valuable. Different friendships with different people have different values. Some more valuable than others. To me, time invested directly relates to the value. Friendships that I have invested most of my high school career seem to have irrevocably forgotten. Under-prioritized. Undervalued. I mean, these things were bound to happen. That's not what I see as the problem. Time apart was not on my side. Time did not make the heart grow fonder. What it seems to me is that time only did one thing - depreciate my investments.

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