Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surround yourself with people that only inspire you.

I saw Les Misérables today for the second time and it was just as good! Although, I didn't catch myself tearing up as much. Maybe because I was having too much fun just singing along with the characters. After the movie and hanging out I was so tired. So I ended up napping the most of my afternoon. When I woke up I had a small chat with Daisy! I can't wait until we can hangout again :) Oh and I'm just obsessed with Pillsbury easy to bake cookies. They are just so easy and so yummy...

I don't want this break to end. I love just doing nothing! Now I absolutely can't wait for summer where I'll have four months to just sit idly. But there's still spring break to look forward to! Ugh, life is just moving so fast. I feel like it's so hard to just enjoy it. I had a weird revelation recently. I never just sat down and evaluated the kinds of people I surrounded myself. It's kind of funny how I came across the thought. I was watching people on YouTube and I just saw how they were all surrounded by people that inspired them. People that encouraged them and did nothing but support and make them happy. I want to get to that place again. Where I feel like it's easy to be successful just because of the people I'm surrounded by. People that inspired me to try new, innovative things that will increase my skills and just expand my knowledge. I would love to meet people like that.

Of course, I met those kinds of people at college. But I wish I was surrounded more by people like that at home. Just people with extraordinary passions. I don't know. Maybe I should just admit defeat and enter the YouTube community. The kind of seem like my people.

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