Friday, January 4, 2013


Today!!! I ran errands with my mom after receiving my third and final shot of gardisal! We went to the mall to return some things and also check out the holiday sales. I swear I have been going to the mall too often.

I finished reading Insurgent last night and I have to say the ending to this book was a lot better than Divergent. I felt like the ending of Divergent clued us into what was going to happen in Insurgent too much. I don't like the whole transitional ending. I prefer the book to end as it is without the reader knowing what might happen next. Sort of like the main characters of the book should have peace at the end before the set off on another adventure in the next book. Mark and I placed bets on what the third book will be named. He says, Resurgent and I say Convergent. This is just for official purposes. I would need proof to look back on once the book comes out in May!

Haha, above is a picture of my mom's leche flan. It took her a couple tries of getting it right but she finally did. I admire her determination and persistence

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