Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pretty Little Liar Tuesday and How to Dress Like A Boss!

So. Another good episode tonight. While I was watching, I was indulging in some yummy mint chocolate chip ice cream from my freezer. Which has been my newest obsession.

Today's blog post I decided will focus on fashion! Woo!

This beautiful, maroon/oxblood (whatever you would like to call it) peplum dress sported by Hanna in this week's episode is quite similar to the maroon peplum dress I bought from H&M earlier this month for $20 on sale! So if you'd like to snag it yourself, check your local H&M store. The blog post the dress was featured in can be found here

Now, if you'd direct your attention to Emily's beautiful half Filipino and half Irish/Scottish hands. She is wearing nail polish similar to the shade I bought a couple weeks ago called Don't Talk Bach To Me by OPI from the Germany collection. If you would like to take a look at that blog post, you can click here

Although, Aria is my favorite of the four... the style I can identify with the most has to be Spencer. In the photo above this one she's not really in focus but I love her blazer and bun. If you're feeling like a boss and you want to sort of up your look for the day do these two things:

  1. Throw on a well tailored and nicely fitted blazer. It can go on top of anything you'd like. Tank top, plain white t-shirt, a man tailored shirt or even your favorite grungy band tee. You can either cuff the the sleeves or add a statement necklace like Spencer did in the photo. But either way, you already look ten times more put together.
  2. Bun. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. A bun can immediately show off your jaw line, collarbones, and your entire face in general. Along with the blazer, you will look fit and ready to tackle the world. All you're missing it a boss attitude.
With blazers, you can easily change it up and go for a classical tweed style like how Spencer did in the photo with Emily. You can layer a blazer like that on top of a chiffon top or something soft to play up the rough texture of the blazer. Although in the show, Spencer can seem a little edgy and a little strong willed. But her style is on point. Blazer and a bun will make a boss's outfit daily.

Photos are taken from the ABC Family website!

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